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Quick Set of Forum Guidelines


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Stay On Topic

Stay on topic on the threads, simple as that.

No Offensive Content

There is to be no posting any offensive content of any kind. This includes tubgirl, goatse, pain5.jpg, scary loud things popping out pages, bad language, etc. If you post something like this corrective action will be taken.

This is not intended to exclude legitimate political debate. 80soft reserves the right to define what 'legitimate' political debate means in this context.

If You're Going To Post a Link, Tell Us About It

Don't just say, "Join my site" or "Sign your X on the Line," tell us a bit about the site you're trying to link us to so we can figure out if we want to actually go there or not.

I think these are some loose, reasonable rules. The second one hasn't been a problem, but the first and third have caused some issues or general confusion. Let's try it out, I think you'll find these to be pretty reasonable, and standard, rules.


No Personal Ad Hominem Attacks

This requires some common sense.

Not good: "Bob, you're stupid."

Better, but also not good: "Bob, that idea is stupid."

Good: "Bob, I disagree with that idea, and here's why."

Not good: "Bob, you're evil."

Better, but also not good: "Bob, the views you hold are evil."

Good: "Bob, I believe some of the views you hold, if implemented, would make our society worse off. Here's why."


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