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My First Scenario


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Right so I have had several of the election games from Theoryspark for about 6 or 7 months now. I keep skulking about these forums for new scenarios and bugging others for new scenarios, so I thought it was about time I made one of my own.

As an Irish history buff I was think of making my first scenario either the Irish General election of 1922 where pro and anti treaty Sinn Fein went head to head and was the pretext to the Irish Civil War, or Northern Ireland's 1998 Assembly election after the signing of the Good Friday/Belfast agreement. What do people think?

I have little experience in scenario creation and only ever modded other people scenarios before, so I may take a while building this scenario, but hopefully Ill get enough experience to make more in future.

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yeah i have the NI 2007 secnario already and it would help. I also ahve the 2007 Ireland map, that would be handy. But your right NI would be easier so im going to focus on that and will more than likely do Ireland 1922 at a later stage.

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Ok I've decided on the parties running. They are:

Ulster Unionist Party

Social Democratic Labour Party

Sinn Fein

Democratic Unionist Party

Alliance Party

UK Unionist Party

Progressive Unionist Party

Ulster Democratic Party

Independant Unionists

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition

Im currently working on the party leaders (hope to have 2/3 for the main parties, less for the minors) and issues. The issues will be dominated by secterian issues (as the whole election was) like The Agreement, I.R.A Decomisioning, Sinn Fein in Govenment ect. It will be about 50% secterian issues and 50% "Bread and Butter" issues

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