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New Jersey Gubernatorial, 1997

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This scenario is based off of Zion's incredible 2009 Scenario, using its maps, E.V. + Delegate as well as population numbers, and the majority of its endorsers, and its advertising types.

I have two versions: one where it uses realistic polling numbers, and another where the Conservative Party's numbers swell in Monmouth, Ocean and Bergen counties.



Governor Christine "Christie" Whitman


James McGreevey

Rob Andrews

Michael Murphy

Fmr. Governor Jim Florio (OBD)


Murray Sabrin


Richard Pezzullo

Here is the map for starters:


I switched the colors because my point of reference for this was Dave Leip's election atlas.

The only contested primary is the Democratic Primary, and there Andrews starts out with an 8 pt lead. I was playing without Florio.

What I need now are:

-more candidate ideas

-more issues better suited for the day (I have auto insurance and the Atlantic City Tunnel.)

-better regional numbers.

Any help is appreciated, if you want a copy post your e-mail and I'll whizz one over to you.


UPDATE 5/16/2010: Version 1.1 is ready and being e-mailed out! Updates from the original (unreleased) version include:

-Actual Numbers (conservative party cut down a ton)

-Colors reverted to normal

-Not as easy to beat Christie Whitman


DO NOT USE THE STRATEGY FEATURE if you started in the primaries: it will give you a floating point error.

Thank you, and improvements will continue to be made!

Download: Here (not rapidshare or anything like that, hosted by me)

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BTW, any progress on Delaware 2012?

No, I'm not very good with making my own districts instead of counties (New Castle is solid democratic and much bigger than the other two combined.)

I will send out soon, just tweaking an issue with the primaries and adjusting some %s.

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