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Hi All,

I've made a proto-version of a Global President scenario - however I'm having trouble with some pretty basic stuff with weird things happening in the campaign:


The main problem is than when I do something intended to generate positive momentum - it

does the opposite. So when I run a leadership ads, when I run a barnstorm. - it generates a negative result rather than a positive one. The reverse is also true - when a scandal or a negative news story breaks out against me it actually *boosts* my momentum rather than denting it! - I have no idea what's going on - does anyone know why and how to fix it?

I also have this problem when it comes to money - when I run an add -it actually *makes* me money rather than costing me money!

Anyway, thanks so much - if its possible give it a fiddle and tell me

if you're seeing the same problems as me.

Hopefully if the source of the problem is identified - and fixed - I can do more work on it and make a fun to play and cool scenario!



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You have too many people. If the population exceeds some figure, then all that stuff inverts. Try just taking off the last digit of each country's population; it's worked for me.

Thanks for that!

In your own scenario - what did you set as the world population?



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You mean the Ruler of Time one? I think I just used the current population divided by ten. I'd've liked to do some kind of historical weighting, which is possible with the U.S. because of our good census data and which I think I've done on some of my historical US scenarios, but it's flagrantly impossible on an international scale.

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