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West Wing - 2010 - President Santos

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Several things.

First it creates an extra nesting of directories which you will want to remove to get it to run properly from the RAR.

Secondly the balance seems way off on the scenario.

Arnold Vinick has a massive amount of money for a candidate who hasn't been an elected official for 4 years. He has over 7 times the money of the incumbent president.

His campaign is also better organized despite the fact that its a "shock" he's running. Similarly Walken has a very good campaign organization. For a group that hasn't had the white house in 12 years they are remarkably well organized. You might want to look at a Scenario like the 1992 election. Note that in that situation Republicans have held the white house for 12 years and also have the incumbent. Bush as a campaign at level 4, while no democrat has a level above 3.

You try and make up for this by starting Santos with a higher percentage of the vote but that reduces a lot of fun of the scenario as you just don't get to do as much campaigning. Running computer candidates against each other doesn't really test the balance of a scenario well as the AI makes a lot of sketchy decisions and doesn't make the most of available capital in ad buys and such.

Will Bailey shouldn't be a candidate for President at all if you can't justify giving him a campaign organization of 2, candidates with organization at level 1 are basically jokes (particularly when controlled by computer). Jerry Brown in 1992 anyone? Note that this is by default a disabled candidate in any real scenario.

The crusaders are also wildly unbalanced: The republicans have a lot of 4/4/-1 type stuff while the best crusader the Dems get is 4/5/100. Also kind of strange to have Hoynes' Wife out on the campaign trail with all the scandal that will bring up and remind people of.

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If you're doing West Wing you should probably line up the issues there:

Abortion, Affirmative Action, Balanced Budget, Business Tax, Environment, Free Trade, Gun Control, Immigration, Military Funding, and Same Sex Marriage are still there.

Renewable Energy might want to take a back burner to a stance on Nuclear Power, which decided the last election.

Campaign Finance Reform shouldn't reference McCain-Feingold since that didn't happen in the West Wing, but should still be an issue.

Social Security is debatable or should at least have a lower priority since they agreed on a fix in the show.

Iraq should be Israel (Peacekeepers)

War on Terror should be Kazakhstan (Sitting in a War Zone between Russia and China).

Alternative, War on Terror can be itself as an issue, in which case Iraq should be "Peacekeeping Forces Abroad".

Education should be high-profile given the previous Santos campaign. If he's accomplished something on that front there are going to be proponents and opposition to the plan. I also think the sliders here should probably be one step to the left (where the country is), as this has presumably been a high profile issue for the past four years, if its implemented people are probably adjusting to it.

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Lots of cool events from the show but they happen way to often.

In the first week we had:

Wednesday: Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

Thursday: Congress Debates Amendments to McCain-Feingold

Friday: Congress Debates Social Security Reform

Saturday: Tech Union Protests Transfer of Programming Jobs to India

Before a calmer Sunday to Tuesday.

When you have 1 week turns you can't spin these stories but the AI opponents can, which is problematic at best, so you don't want them to be occurring at this frequency, unless you are running day by day campaigns!

You also want weeks to go Monday-Sunday so that you have a chance to spin the "who's leading" story each week!

Lastly the primary dates need work, its Bizarre to not have super tuesday!

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