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Hey all,

I'm going to combine Treasurer of the PC's and my Dmowska scenario (though Dmowska will be a part of Klavencraft-Szerney, a scenario I have on the backburner). The country will be a nation similar to Transnistria, settled between Klavencraft-Szerney and Rocentia, which will have an election amidst a backdrop of high unemployment, polarizing economic policies, ethnic tensions, and rising international rival between its two neighbors. Will the nation elect its first left-wing government in 13 years?


Conservative (ruling government, it has basically enacted free market reforms which initially brought prosperity but now crisis)

Social Democratic (major centre-left opposition, it promises



National Radical





Debt Crisis



Ethnic Equality

Internal Security

Labour Unions

Nuclear Power




Regional Autonomy

Rocentia Relations

Same-Sex Marriage

Social Security

Tax Reform


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@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Legalize abortion but keep it safe and rare.

Abortion is wrong. No change to current legal status.

Abortion is murder! Enact total ban on abortion.

Abortionists should be given the death penalty.



Collectivize all farms under public ownership. Seize estates.

Support farm collectives and enact comprehensive land reform.

Break up large estates to protect competition. Targeted subsidies.

Privatize farming collectives. Reduce agricultural tariffs.

Let foreign investors and landowners conglomerate farms.



Communism is the future of socialism and human development.

Pursue peaceful coexistence with the Communist bloc.

Contain Communism where feasible and vital to our security.

Strengthen our ties with the Anti-Communist Alliance.

Ban the Communist Party and round up its membership.


//Debt Crisis

Repudiate the debt as it is capitalist exploitation.

Budget deficits were necessary to prevent economic collapse.

Cut wasteful spending but no cuts to vital public services.

Reduce government spending and reform welfare entitlements.

Impose draconican austerity measures to balance budget.



Introduce state planning. Shift jobs from agriculture to industry.

Protect manufacturing and industrial sectors through state policy.

Balanced approach to industrial policy with targeted regulation.

"Knowledge economy" is our future. Boost financial services.

Deindustrialisation is a boon to our economy. Accelerate it.


//Ethnic Equality

Reject the false ethnic divisions of the ruling classes.

Secure equal rights for everyone, especially minorities.

Promote greater integration and assimilation of minorities.

Minorities should know their place. Protect Polish culture.

Minorities are a threat to our nation. Expel them.


//Internal Security

Abolish the death penalty. Rehabiliate criminals instead.

Crack down on organized crime. Repeal the OAS Act.

Comprehensive approach to crime. Increase security manpower.

Establish national police force. Strengthen the OASA.

Declare martial law and suspend the constitution.



We must promote Social Revolution in Klavencraft-Szerney.

Stand up to Klavencraft-Szerney more often. No military bases.

Maintain our friendship but be mindful of our sovereignty.

Klavencraft is our friend and ally. Allow military bases.

we should join forces with Klavencraft in a "Pact of Steel."


//Labour Unions

Transform businesses into "closed shop" cooperatives.

Promote Labour Union organizing and protect the right to strike.

Compromise "social contract" between Unions and Business.

Crack down on strikes. Unions are a threat to our prosperity.

Labour Unions are enemies of the State and should be outlawed.


//Nuclear Power

Shut off nuclear power now. Go to eco-friendly sources.

Phase out nuclear plants and replace with coal power.

Increased regulation of nuclear power to promote safety.

Nuclear power is safe and sound. Build new plants.

Use our nuclear program to develop nuclear weapons.



Universal basic income for all, paid for by tax redistribution.

Work to reduce poverty through social programs and benefits.

Extend unemployment and family benefits. End homelessness.

Lower taxes to ease poverty along with "welfare to work."

Abolish social welfare programs. Don't waste money on the lazy.



Nationalise more industries. Move to a state-run planned economy.

Establish industrial democracy. Maintain nationalised firms.

Limited privatisation. Industrial policy to help private sector.

End nationalisation. Support privatisation of select industries.

Privatise as many state industries and public services as possible.


//Regional Autonomy

Full independence and secession for minority nations.

Devolve constitutional powers to regional assemblies.

Maintain current federal balance of powers as is.

Protect a strong central government. Expand federal authority.

Abolish all regional autonomy and impose will by martial law.


//Rocentia Relations

Seek unification through the creation of a socialist state.

Pursue a treaty of alliance and friendship with Rocentia.

Strive to improve our relationship but be wary of history.

Oppose Rocentian territorial expansion and sever relations.

Rocentia is our enemy. Start mobilizing military for war.


//Social Security

Citizens pension for all, rises in line with average earnings.

More Social Security funding and increase basic provision.

Reform Social Security to save it for future generations.

Support private pensions and reduce Social Security payments.

Abolish Social Security and replace with private pensions.


//Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is a fundamental human right. Legalise it.

Equal rights for gays and lesbians. Support civil unions.

Maintain anti-discrimination laws but nothing further.

Marriage should remain a man and a woman. Ban gay marriage.

Homosexuals are dangerous deviants. Criminalize sodomy.


//Tax Reform

Redistribute income from the rich to the working classes.

Increase taxes on the wealthy but reduce the VAT rate.

Reduce tax burden for small business and the middle class.

Reduce tax rates across the board. Introduce tax credits.

Major tax cuts to investors and shift to indirect taxation.



Restructure the economy along socialist guidelines.

Protect job rotation scheme. More money for public works.

Scrap job rotation scheme, invest in new industry and jobs.

Reduce unemployment through free trade and deregulation.

Stopping inflation takes priority over unemployment.



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