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Alternate American History 102

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This is not even worth mentioning yet, as I will likely have progressed significantly on the other project beforehand, but I would like to at least give a heads up to the next one on the list; Alternate American History 102. The idea is that Ronald Reagan decides to not run for reelection in 1984 despite extensive popularity. As a result, the Republican field will expand exponentially, with George H. W. Bush likely being the frontrunner. Not so sure about the Democratic field though, it could likely remain much the same. Other than that, however, it is still in a "dream" state, too far off for me to effectively plan.

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One thing that might be interesting: for someone to try and "replay", say, all of post-FDR history. So start with the 1948 historical election, once such a thing becomes available, and then take the results of that election for the next one's starting point, etc., with the stipulation that people arise at approximately the same times, e.g. Reagan rises to prominence around the 1964 cycle, JFK enters politics in 1946, etc.

Obviously, that's just sort of an expansion of the same concept, and of course there's always the danger that uncertainty grows exponentially with time as you depart from history, but I think it might be an interesting expansion. Of course, it would require making elections from 1948 on, many of which, I believe, do not currently have scenarios out.

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