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Information on the next update


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I'm trying to be a good little boy for Santa this year, so I won't ask when the update will be done. I know better than that...but is there some way, seeing that it has been a month since the last information update, that we could get some drabbles of information? What's in, what's out, etc. Just some information to tide us over until the update comes out. I'm curious. I'm trying to be an adult about this. And I can wait a bit longer. I've just been a loyal fan since about 2000, and I've been waiting for this since 2002 or 2003, I believe. So I'd like some information for now.

Take all the time you need on the update. I mean that. I'm only asking for information since it's been a month since the last bits came out. And even then I feel bad about asking for more. Yeah, we're all antsy about it. That comes from the standing expectations of it coming out shortly. I'm sorry about that. I really am. Thank you for making a great game, and for making it so much better with time. It's the best game of its kind. And for that, you've asked so little. I've gotten my $12 back a couple of dozen times over in pleasure from the game, I believe. Anyhow...thanks for the game, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving (another reason I waited until today-I didn't want to ruin your holiday), and good luck with the update.


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