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Strange Issue With Campaigns Forever

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Since I've installed Campaigns Forever on my new Windows 7 computer, I've had a strange issue. All the scenarios I backed up from my old computer, and the ones I later downloaded, show up fine in my files folder and on the Campaign Forever scenarios menu. However, scenarios I've since created with Campaigns Forever new or edited from from an existing one show up on the Campaigns Forever scenarios menu, and all work on them shows up there, and President Forever reads them, but I can't see them in my file folder, and thus can't manually edit, delete, or zip for upload them. Can you help me resolve this issue, admin? I'm using the latest version of Campaigns Forever.

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It means that for some reason your settings are to not allow you to view the files created in that folder. Check your permissions or viewing settings for that folder.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Anthony Burgoyne


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I have had EXACTLY the same problem, but with Vista. I asked the question a couple of days ago on the C4E help blog, but have been as yet met with silence. Hopefully a reply coming soon...

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