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Simon, 84, and student council

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First, is it even possible to win the 1988 Democratic Primary as Simon? Either I suck or it's impossible.

Two, Can ANY Democrat win in 1984?

Three, does anyone know how the student council project was going?

And Finally (and i really would care to know this) what are strategies you use, whether you're the frontrunner or underdog in both the primaries and in the GE?


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Footsoldiers are the key; that's my opinion. I also think barnstorming does essentially nothing. Footsoldiers, ads, and (to a lesser degree) national momentum count. What I like to do is, in the general election, run a steady stream of low-level ads in the two-thirds of states that are reasonable for me to win. If I have enough left, at the very end, I'll run high-level ads nationwide. If I'm reasonably well positioned, sometimes I skip the low-level blanket ads and just save up for three national television ads at the very end, which usually creates a major swing my way on Election Day.

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