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2000 - Wacked Edition


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George W. Bush

John McCain

Patrick Buchanan (off)

Steve Forbes

Elizabeth Dole

Dan Quayle (off)

Alan Keyes

Orrin Hatch

Gary Bauer

Lamar Alexander (off)

John Kasich (off)

Robert Smith (off)

General Election Candidates

Colin Powell (off)

Trent Lott (off)

Dick Cheney (off)

William Weld (off)

Arlen Specter (off)

Norman Schwarzkopf (off)

Clint Eastwood (off)


Al Gore

Dick Gephardt (off)

Jesse Jackson (off)

John Kerry (off)

Bob Kerrey (off)

Bill Bradley

Paul Wellstone (off)

Howard Dean (off)

Warren Beatty (off)

General Election Candidates

Tom Carper (off)


Patrick Buchanan (off)

Ross Perot (off)

Donald Trump (off)

John Anderson (off)

David Boren (off)

John Hagelin (off)


Ralph Nader


Harry Browne (off)


Howard Phillips (off)

Natural Law

John Hagelin (off)

Socialist Worker's

James Harris (off)

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I have been working on this for a while, but have been so busy that I never really got around to adding it here. Anyway, you can go ahead and have some fun with it. There are only a couple questions that I have regarding this scenario......

- Are there any other candidates that I have NOT added that though about running in 2000? (General Election Candidates included)

- Are there major political figures that I have not mentioned that might be chosen in the case of a deadlocked convention?

- Is it possible to have a candidate have a negative bonus in a state? (I have tried through the state bonuses, but it turns negative numbers into positive numbers; I cite and example where I had given Kennedy a -99 bonus and Alabama, and Alabama shortly thereafter became solid blue. Because of this, only Colin Powell, Norm, and Tom work in the General Election.)

- Any other comments, concerns?

Oh, and before I forget, the upload link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X4E6NZVB

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One Democratic candidate you could add is former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, whom many speculated might try to run against Gore for the nomination or as an Independent. Another possible Dem candidate could be somebody like fellow Georgian Zell Miller, whom obviously disagreed with the candidates of his own party about 95% of the time.

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Oh, and in the Green Party, I'd add Jello Biafra (former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys) as he actually did run against Nader for the nomination, though he preferred Nader and only ran because others had managed to put his name on the ballot.

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Okay, I have taken all of these into consideration. Has anybody tested or played this scenario? Is there or were there any problems with it?

Yes, I played this scenario earlier tonight. I played as Paul Wellstone, and ran in the primaries.

I narrowly beat Gore for the nomination, chose Feingold as my running mate, and ran against a Bush/McCain ticket. I managed to narrowly win the election - Michigan was the deciding state and the margin was 5,000 votes.


You'll notice Pat Buchanan got a huge percentage of the vote. In many states he got well above 10%, creating a spoiler effect and allowing Bush to win the state. I mean, Bush wins Rhode Island? Really?

I think the Reform Party, and Buchanan in particular, are way too strong in this scenario.

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When I worked on the Reform Party, it became more of an alternate history election, since I made it so they were a more effective third party. If you notice, there are quite a few candidates, allowing for a decent primaries campaign within the party itself. Typically, as a result of this, he gets a significant chunk of the vote. If you do NOT want this feature, I would turn the Reform Party off, which I have done in the version I am working on. Still, I would think he would have harmed W more than you.

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