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1972 Presidential Election

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Ok, let's do this thing. What are the issues?

I have a few suggestions:

Law & Order


Soviet Union





Government Size

Civil Rights



Health Care


Also Abortion, Cities, Rural Issues, Arms Limitations, and Counter Culture. These should cover it. Thank you for jumping in on this, and let's keep it up! I have a lot of good print resources for candidates positions on the issues, so I can be very helpfull with that.

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I'd probably suggest rather than starting from scratch, using Electric Monk's 1968 scenario as a basepoint to build upon.

That's exactly what I'm doing, Patine! :D

I'm almost done with the issues and I've already removed the 1968 candidates that didn't run in 1972. I'll soon start to include the new candidates and fix dates, issue standings etc. I'm guessing the most difficult part for me will be the percentages, I always get mixed up with them when I try to do scenarios.

(And I must say, I would have been a lot more advanced on this scenario if it wasn't Carnaval week here in Brazil. Not because I'm going on parades and such, but because the work load at my job is heavier these days since half the staff is off for the week)

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