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Okay, I think that you need to have Red for Socialists. While it may not mean that in Canada, it is more generally used as a colour for those on the left.

I was still thinking that socialist would be more in the western european idea of the word, the same with Liberal. The Liberal Party would include groups such as the LibDems, but also the Canadian Liberals, and more moderate US Democrats. Socialists would be particularly including democratic socialists or social democrats. Maybe social democrats would be a better name?

I like the Islamist and Socialist logos. I don't think we should use the statue of liberty. For me, it first and foremost symbolises America, and it wouldn't be used by a party attempting to appeal to voters all around the world to use a clearly American symbol like that.

Also remember that Chinese wouldn't necessarily be Socialists. I'd say that some would fall into the Conservative camp, considering that most of the economic socialist model of China has been dismantled. Communism is now used in many "communist" countries simply as a branding tool. It doesn't mean they're left-leaning, especially when they pursue conventional economic policies, within the framework of an authoritarian state, after all.

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What if the Liberal Party worked the UN logo into their logo in some way?

On the issue of flags, this needs to be discussed. The national flag should be the UN, and for some regions consisting of a single country it is easy (Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, the four Chinese regions, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey), but for others it will be complicated. We may need to use the EU flag for Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, and the Union Jack for the British Isles.

The African Union now has a flag:


That could just be used for all the African regions. Maybe someone could put together some sort of generic Arabic flag for the Near East and for Arabia, and maybe also North Africa?

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I've completed the regional_variables file.

There are a few bits which need to be done. The links to each flag need to be done, as well as the congressional majorities. I put parties in for these, but they will probably change when we work out what national parties fit into the four big parties.

I have also left most mottos and nicknames blank. If people come up with any they should go in, but it doesn't matter really. The only ones I have are "the land of the rising sun" for Japan and "land of the free and home of the brave" for the US.

Apart from that, it's all done.

I'll send it off to Johnny. He seems to be coordinating this. It's probably best if he keeps the final copies of everything and puts it together into a folder, and that people would send off stuff to him when it's finished. I'll also send off an updated population document, as I added in Comoros.

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Okay, I think that you need to have Red for Socialists. While it may not mean that in Canada, it is more generally used as a colour for those on the left.
You are aware that that was the exact same argument I was making, right?

The UN logo won't look so hot once I shrink it down to the size I'll need to use... Too many lines and holes. Solid shapes work best, and since the two I've already done (Islam and Socialism) are definetly simple, solid shapes, I think we should keep the trend going.

I might have an idea, though...

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btw, been googling events for 1949

--Ireland gained independence from the UK

--Indonesia gained independence from Holland

--Aparthied was institutionalized in South Africa

--UN recognized Israel

--Chinese Communists won the Civil War, People's Republic decalred

--West and East Germany were formed

--Orwell published 1984

--USSR tested first A-bomb

--NATO was created

--MNR sieze power in Bolivia

--Congo War Begins

--Revolt In Libya

--Alger Hiss Trial (11 Communists Found Guilty of Treason in USA)

--Israel Begins Nuclear Program

fairly eventful year

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Actually, that's not so bad...


(The other idea I had didn't work out, so I tried the UN)

So people get an idea of what I mean by blurry and difficult to see when I use yellow or white as the colour of the object in foreground:



Edit: Hmm... You know what, I actually kinda like the yellow one. IMO, it looks the best of all the Liberal ones so far, at least.

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I'm currently working on grouping parties into our four areas.

Sorry Myke if I repeated something someone else said. I occasionally might miss a little bit of the discussion, especially when it's 9 pages long.

Those UN logos look really good. If I had to say which one looks best, I'd say the first one (black logo with yellow behind it), but all of them look good.

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It just seemed like you interpreted what I said to mean that my logic was "This is how it's done in Canada, so this is how we should do it"... Which it wasn't, I only brought that into the mix to demostrate that the colours are far from universal, but there are some accepted conventions.

And I've got some more on 1949... Went through wikipedia and yanked out the interesting stuff:

- US President Truman unvelils his "Fair Deal" program... Enlarged programs in economic security, and housing that went beyond FDR's initiatives in civil rights. He also proposed a national health insurance plan, but that was defeated by congress.

- Hungarian government sentences a Cardinal to life inprisonment for treason... The government is a communist regime, and the cardinal (József Mindszenty) had been a vocal opponent of the government. It is commonly believed he was tortured or drugged into confessing, as he wrote a note when he was first imprisoned saying that he was not involved in any conspiracy, and any confession would be from him being under "duress"

- Israeli Parliament (Knesset) convenes. This one's loaded.

- Southern Ireland becomes the Republic of Ireland.

- NATO is formed.

- Treaty of London is signed, forming the Council of Europe.

- Isreal is admitted to the UN.

- Soviet Union lifts the Blockade of Berlin.

- Federal Republic of Germany is established.

- Numerous people (including Helen Keller) are named by the FBI in a report labelling them as members of the communist party.

- Apartheid in South Africa begins.

- Syrian miliary coup; president ousted.

- Soviets test the atomic bomb.

- Allied authorities return control of Nazi German assets back to the German government.

- Soviet Union uses it's veto to keep Ceylon, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, and Portugal out of the UN.

- People's Republic of China is formed.

- India adopts it's constitution.

- The Fourth Geneva Convention is signed.

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Here is some work on the parties.

I think we should change Socialist to Social Democrat. For those parties in the world that are socialist without being democratic, well, they'll have to adapt to democracy to participate at all, so I think that's for the best.

Also, as much as I think the red-star logo looks great, I think a hand with a rose in it would be a better option for the Social Democratic Party.


Albanian political parties

The Conservatives - Liberal Democratic Union, National Front, Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Albania, Movement of Legality, Republican Party,

The Liberals - Agrarian Party, Democratic Alliance, Human Rights' Party,

Global Social Democratic Party - Socialist Party, Social Democratic Party.

Islamist Party - None.

SD - 45.6%

C - 42.2%

L - 7.6%

However, 70% of Albania is Islamic, so it's safe to assume that the Islamist Party would run a serious campaign. I'm thinking we could give the IP a safe 10-15%, mostly taken from the Conservatives.


Algerian political parties

The Conservatives - Algerian National Front, National Rally for Democracy.

The Liberals - Movement for National Reform, Movement for Democracy in Algeria, Rally for Culture and Democracy, Party of Algerian Renewal.

Social Democratic Party - Front of Socialist Forces, Front for National Liberation, Workers' Party.

Islamist Party - Islamic Salvation Front, Islamic Renaissance Movement, Movement of the Society for Peace.

These are estimates only:

SD - 40%

I - 35%

C - 15%

L - 10%


The Conservatives - Liberal Party.

The Liberals - Democratic Party.

Social Democratic Party - Social Democratic Party.

Islamist Party - None.

C - 46%

SD - 30%

L - 24%


The Conservatives - National Front, UNITA.

The Liberals - Liberal Democratic Party, Social Renewal Party.

Social Democratic Party - Popular Liberation Movement, Labour Party.

Islamist Party - None.

SD - 54%

C - 37%

L - 5%


No strong party formation, with 30% going outside the parties, but I estimate the following:

C - 55%

SD - 20%

L - 20%


SD - 55%

C - 40%

L - 5%


C - 40%

L - 35%

SD - 25%


The Conservatives - National Unity, Mighty Fatherland, Democratic Liberal Party, Dignity, Democracy, Motherland, Labour Law Unity.

The Liberals - Republican Party, Rule of Law, Liberal Democratic Union.

Social Democratic Party - Justice, Revolutionary Federation, United Labour Party, Union of Industrialists and Women, Communist Party, People's Party.

Islamist Party - None.

SD - 35.8%

L - 30.4%

C - 18.8%

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myke, could you do the parties logos for the Cold War as well

Democray- Statue of Liberty or Westminster or something

Communist - Hammer and Sickle

Imperialsm/Monarch ?? - a Crown

Fascism/Dictoarship ?? - a Fist or such?

it'd be great

Pfft, piece of cake... I'll do them up in the same colours, use green for dictatorship, though.

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Good news and bad news.

Good news is that I'm done the first three, and they aren't completely awful. I had trouble finding a crown suitable to use for monarchy, so I used a fleur de lys instead. If it's a huge deal, let me know and it can be "fixed".







The bad news is that there is no symbol that represents democracy... Anywhere. What I really, really, really want is a stylized version of the statue of liberty, with just the head and nothing else, and from roughly this angle... In practice, it's hard to find ANY versions of the statue of liberty I can use.

Ditto for Westminster. The Liberty Bell might be something to fall back on, but that's very plain.


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getting "bad number of blocks for this region in txt.file" and a '"Democracy"' is not a valid integer" errors

i changed the parties to Democracy, Communism, Monarcy, and Dictatorship in the Regional_Variables file

I'll send you the prototype (just the basic folders in the game - no changes from 1960 except in electoral trends and the parties)

and maybe you can figure out where the error lies

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I print out the image I want to use, put it under my pillow before I go to bed at night, and when I wake up the next morning... :D

Afraid I can't... I don't even remember what I did to them to get them to do that... It's basically a patterned background with a colour rider and a stretchy glow effect, but most of them are a fair bit more complex than that.

I'm a bit of a Fireworks buff... I also make fairly realistic campaign buttons for pol games I'm involved in. Gimmie a second, I'll dredge one up.

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