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We should all get together


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I'd say put all of them in two issues:

Economic System

Political System

Economic System

Go for a planned economy

Mixed economy with a strong public sector

Mixed economy with a moderate public sector.

Market capitalism with some public elements

Complete power to capitalists

Political System

One-Party State

Biased democracy

Pluralist democracy

Constitutional Monarchy

Absolutist Monarchy

Stalinist would be Left on both, Fascists would be Right or Center-Right economically and Left on political, etc...

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plus, thinking on it a sec

if I were Adolph Eichman runinng on Political System as a theme I'd get the same issue bonus as Winston Chruchill would on the issue

divide them up, and Regioanlism becomes more - a Democrat preching Democracy in -1 issue_momentum Brazil would not have the same impact a Facsist preaching Fracism in +1 Brazil would, eh?

am I making sense?

sorry, beer, football, food - heavy head at the mo'

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While people are working on a Cold War scenario, I thought we could look at a trio of scenarios for a modern World.



House of Representatives

The Presidency could be elected with the 1501 EVs I worked out, the Senate could be elected with 1 Senator per nation, and the HoR could be elected with 750 MHRs. I'm currently working on dividing the world up into regions so that the 750 seats are spread equally.

We could use the same parties for the three scenarios. I'm thinking the parties could be Socialist, Conservative, Liberal and Islamist. I understand that this doesn't include Dictators, but they can fit into the different parties. After all, parties differ between states/provinces, so it would make sense that there could be significant differences between the British and American branches of the Socialist Party and the Chinese branch.

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it looks like we'll need a volunteer to do the regional_variables folder b4 we can go much further with this....

anyone game - I've never messed with a map and wouldn't have the first clue as to the MaoPos figures.

once that's done, I'll do the electoral_trends, and regional_centers (or split the job w/ someone)


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Yeah, it's almost a shame for the tension that Ontario/Quebec/Florida/New York/etc. are called as early as they are in their respective elections...

Must suck to be a Hawiian. By the time the sun sets on the islands, people have already decided it's either not worth waiting, or only Ohio matters.

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hell, back prior to 1992, exit polls were released as soon as they came out. CBS etc called the 1984 election for Reagan at about 1pm EST

people got upset about that, saying it kept down turnout (which it undoubtedly did) so the media all agrees to stop the practice (there might have been a lawsuit, I forget)

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Well, it was 1984... When the dust settled, Mondale barely held Minnesota, DC, and a whole lot of nothing else. Heck, if I was an election journalist, I'd have called that election at 1:00 PM, if not noon the day before.

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yeah, but the point of it was it's unfair to voters in CST, MST, and PST states to have the result of the election determined before they even have got to vote

now, the networks have gone the opposite direction and we have to stay up till 3am before any of them have the nerve to call a close state

better, if exhausting, that way than the former

they (the GOP) raised a fuss when Florida was called so early in 2000 for Gore cuz the western part of the Panhandle is CST and the polls were still open

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Well, the Canadian system isn't much better in that respect... The blackout law was lifted before the most recent election, and since they forecast results so early, by the time most of the voters have made it to the polls in Vancouver, we already know who won based on returns in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. This time it was more interesting since as you move West, except for BC and the Territories, you definetly get more Conservative, and the Liberals didn't show as strong as they'd have liked in the rest of the country. Still.

Canadians just don't do exit polls by definition, so all you get are actual ballot results, plus since you don't need a huge number of polls to report back to you before you can project results, they routinely call it early and I've never known them to be wrong.

That being said, the story goes that Bob Rea was the most surprised person in Canada when Bob Rea was elected premier of Ontario... Quick doesn't necessarily mean boring.

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now, the networks have gone the opposite direction and we have to stay up till 3am before any of them have the nerve to call a close state

better, if exhausting, that way than the former

Spare a thought for those of us six hours ahead of EST! :D

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In Australia we don't have an enormous problem, as there is only a 3-hour gap between the eastern states and Western Australia. This year, however, we had the rare case where Tasmania went an hour before the rest of the East, because they enter daylight saving earlier than NSW, Victoria and ACT (Queensland has no daylight saving), and this was in the period in between, so they closed at 2pm WA time, and by 6pm Sydney time, as I was driving around picking up my leftover posters (I was the Greens candidate for Werriwa), they were already calling seats. In the last parliament all Tasmanian seats were Labor-held, and within 15 minutes of polls closing in 3 states and 1 territory which together make up 117 out of 150 seats, they had already called 2 Tassie seats as gains for the Liberals.

But there hasn't been a recent election where the result was clear way out. I guess you could say that 1975 and 1996 were quite clearcut, and 1983 was quite decisive, but you still couldn't be sure.

In 1975, after all, the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam (Labor) had been sacked by the G-G for refusing to ask for an election when the Opposition blocked the budget in the Senate. Effectively unable to pay salaries, the Governor-General appointed the Liberal leader as PM and they had a snap election.

In regards to timezones, I'm currently looking at it. Do results come in 2 hours after the time we enter into the file? If that is so, I'm thinking that the extreme end of the Pacific should close at 0600 hours (GMT).

I see it's a big problem about the Asian prizes of East China, Indonesia and especially India, would be all called while voting was still going on in all of Europe and parts of the Middle East.

By the way, the order the regions would close would be this:

-Pacific Islands







-East China



-South-East Asia

-North China

-West China


And right there you have 789 EVs, and you should have a pretty good idea of who is going to win.

However, there will still be suspense, in the case of a close race, since the US will be the last country to close, with a vital 78 EVs. If it comes down to the wire, the US could be essential.

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