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I've finished the map!

I have it ready if anyone can either tell me how to post it on the net or can give me their email so I'll send it to them.

I'll also do the same with the EVs file.

Also on my list, I might put a 'Global Senate' game, where each country has a single seat in a Global Senate, using the PM forever game and the world map I built.

But currently I have a few Australian scenarios I'm working on.

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The Electoral Votes file is an excel file. I don't think it would work as a .txt file. I sent it so that people could adapt the population stats to particular variations on the regions, but it would be a bit pointless in any format except excel.

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ah, ta

I won't even try to mess with it then (have Corel office pack anyway)

how bout this for the Cold War scenerio:

set it around 1949-1950

Truman/Churchill et al (Democracy), Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao et al (commies), an escaped Nazi (fascists), and ???? (Colonialism???, DeGaulle, some other colonial types??? (HRC, you're call w/ all candiadtes and parties) - just tossing out ideas

the Cold War is just starting, issues apart from the big ones like Government, Economy, Religion, the Bomb, Coloinism, etc, would get down to Berlin, Eastern Europe, SE Asia, war criminals, Zionism....

make like the E. European countries split between Democracy and Communism, w/ vestiges of fascism (15% or so), S. America would also have high fascism support, as might the middle east, malysia, that area....

W. Europe would have 1/3 or so support for communism too, Stalin won a lot of support whipping the Nazis, as well as colonial support (Colonialist issue keep colonies, democrast give them away, ????)

works, mebbe?

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that'd work too Myke

// campaign name

The Cold War - 1949 - 1950

// campaign blurb

The Soviet Union has cut Europe in half and tested its first Atomic bomb, while in Asia and Africa, colonial states are demaning independence and control of their natural resources. Meanwhile, the spectre of Fascism is lurking in the shadows hoping for a resurgence. Which power can bring peace and stabality to this terrifying time?








Religious Freedom


Free Speech

Wealth Distribution

Eastern Europe

SE Asia


Atomic War

Military Aggression

Diplomatic Recognition

Civil Protest

Human Rights

War Crimes


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Arguably, Democracy, Communism, Monarchy, et. al. can be placed on a single spectrum, though.

Communism is (in theory) rule by the many.

Democracy is (in theory) rule by the one elected by the many.

Monarchy is rule by the one.


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Monarchy, but it wouldn't be European - it would have to be in the Middle East and parts of Africa and parts of Asia (tiny Euro following)

the Euro Monarchs by 1949 were pretty much symbols not power-brokers

if I took out Imperialists, then Colonialism would have to be an issue anyway, not an ideoligcal one, but economic/freedom and a big issue, especially in Africa, SE Asia, and wherever else it was - S. America?

we also have to remember Spain was Facsist after WWII and most of S. America was leaning that way

I don't know

we'll thrash it out


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