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I'm hurriedly moving along at making the map. Once we've decided on regions and a map, I can't see why we can't have a few different election scenarios. We could even have a Parliamentary one. I'm also thinking it could be useful to just have an election amongst the 'Democratic' countries (most of the Americas apart from Cuba, most of Europe, parts of Africa, parts of East Asia, Turkey, Russia, Oceania).

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I think USa should be left as one country....

I think the whole US would pick the same canidate, and we are the UNITED states, regions would be strange

keep Russia as 1 too....Russia's popualtion is in europe, no one lives in the Asian part (trust me ive lived there)

In China however, diff parts support democracy, some communism, so you should divide PRC up

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Okay, I've been working on detailed breakdowns of each region, with the nations within each region. Once this is done I'll enter the population stats in and try and work out the EVs. I'm thinking you could have roughly 1500 EVs, with each EV being worth 4mil, so a place like Pacific Islands would have 1, while Russia would have 36.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to break up China and India? I'm thinking of combining northern india with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and calling it Himalayas, and combining Southern India with Sri Lanka and calling it South India.

Currently there are still some combinations which don't have very good names, such as Northern South America (Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana), the three Chinese regions (still just identified by their directional names), and some others. I'm thinking of having Indonesia, Phillipines, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore combined as South-East Asia.

But I'll send the map out with every country kept separate, and let a group decide what countries should be merged.

Anyway, I've completed everything except the Americas and Svalbard (north of Norway)

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Does anyone know which provinces of China speak Mandarin and which speak Cantonese?

With India, I was going to divide it according to religion, but the problem is it is such a mishmash. I was thinking of putting all together like it was under the British, and just make it a massive, prize, since it would be the largest region in the world.

Otherwise, I could just split Pakistan off and merge the Himalayan countries with India.

With SE Asia, I was trying to work out the split. Indonesia should be on its own. Maybe Thailand, Malaysia and Burma could go together and Phillipines could be on its own? E. Timor would go with Indonesia.

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I looked on the net for it, and I discovered that there's about 7 Chinese languages, not just those two. For now, I've divided China into four areas, simply according to how it is divided in my world atlas. I put the NE provinces together as Manchuria, the Eastern and SE provinces, with Taiwan, as East China, Inner Mongolia is merged with Mongolia, and the western provinces become West China.

I'm currently working out the EVs for each region. I'm working my way through, and it seems like Asia will have a majority.

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I've discovered this resource on a UN website.


It has divided China's provinces into a number of regions, with population data included.

I'm thinking we should merge North-West and South-West China, and merge South Central and East China together into West and East China respectively.

While I haven't crunched the numbers yet, I expect that would make East China a big prize in the election.

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Ooooh, Cold War scenario'd be neat. That I'd like to see.

Hmm...perhaps I could...I'd need some help coming up with some Issues.

I have a few already in mind:


Monarch Worship

Popular Soverignty

Glory of Rome


Shape of the World


I'd have to come up with more...but those're what I've got so far...

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You'd need to adapt the EVs if you did an ancient one. For example, while Oeania seems miniscule now (8 EVs out of 1501), it was even less then, and the massive populations of the US and Brazil wouldn't have existed.

But I've finished crunching the numbers for EVs for a modern scenario.

I've got these in Excel if anyone wants to have a look at them or change the make-up of regions. If you want to see it send me an email, or even better explain to me how I can post it on the net, and I'll do the same when I finish the map. The map is finished, except for the Carribean, Central America, Mexico, USA, Canada and Greenland.

Anyway, here are the EVs for each region.

The largest is India, with 303, and the smallest is Pacific Islands, with 3. At one point I had Mongolia listed as 1 EV, but I merged it with North China. It totals out to be 1501 EVs, so you need 751 to win.

3 Pacific Islands (including PNG)

4 Caucasus

5 Australia

5 Madagascar (plus Mauritius)

6 N. Sth America (Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana)

6 Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Denmark, Iceland)

8 Canada

9 Carribean

10 Central America (All the countries between Mexico and Colombia)

13 Arabia

15 British Isles

15 Congo (Congox2, plus Eq. Guinea, Gabon and Sao Tome)

15 Near East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan)

16 Balkans (Former Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania)

17 Eastern Europe (Belarus, Baltic states, Kaliningrad, Moldova, Ukraine)

17 Iran

17 Korea

17 Turkey

18 Andes (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay)

20 Gran Colombia (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)

21 Central Asia (former Soviet republics plus Afghanistan)

25 Mexico

25 Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia)

26 Manchuria

27 West Africa

30 Southern Africa (Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, S. Africa)

31 Japan

34 Russia

36 North China (incl. Mongolia)

37 Central Europe (Austria, Czech, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia)

38 North Africa (The African coast of the Meditereanean)

38 Pakistan

39 Western Europe (France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy)

44 Brazil

46 East Africa (from Eritrea down to Uganda)

52 Central Africa (All the countries between Nigeria and Sudan inclusive)

52 West China

58 Indonesia (plus E. Timor)

70 USA

174 East China

303 India (India plus Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan)

So there's no real way to classify most of the regions, except for the few at the top..

While India may be a bit unrealistic and could be broken down, I think we should keep it as a single block of 303 EVs. It adds an extra factor to the game if there's one 'big prize' that can be 40% of a victory. East China would also be quite a nice prize to net.

Anyway, it's 5:30 in the morning, and I should really get to bed, so goodnight all. When I wake up I'll finish the world map.

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