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This is actually a pretty simple scenario, really.


Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert

No primaries, really; at least, you could play with primaries, but they would be boring. What I really need is the issues, which I want to take as much as possible from the Formidable Opponent section on the show. I have a partial list:



Indefinite Detention


Stem Cell Research


Offshore Drilling

Wall St. Bailout

Terrorist Trials

Global Warming

...which is about half as many as I need. I figure I can always throw in "Bears" and maybe one or two others that are Report staples but aren't in this segment, like maybe "Truthiness," and if I really, really need to I could use a couple of just general-interest big topics. Or maybe one issue could just be "George W. Bush", with the options ranging from "Great President" to "The Greatest President". (Actually I'd probably allow a more full range... the liberal Stephen needs something to say!)

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