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Cuba 2012

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The premise of this project is that in early 2012 Raul Castro dies in a plane crash, only months after his retired older brother Fidel dies of cancer. In his last major act of international statesmanship before beginning his re-election campaign in earnest, US President Obama 'convinces' the hastily formed provisionary authority to allow free presidential elections in this long-standing Communist state. I figured I'd focus on three, maybe four, main parties. Of course there'd be the incumbant Communist Party, dominated in a post-Castro era likely by Ricardo Alarcon, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, and other current upper party/government members. I've also considered newly formed conservative and liberal parties (with appropriate official names), largely dominated by returning expatriate Cuban-Americans (any suggestions as to notable political or advocacy figures there?). A possible fourth option is a rural farmers' populist party, as life has been hard on Cuban farmers in the last several decades, and I could see them banding together, but a RL leader would be hard to find. I do need a map of Cuba divided into it's fourteen provinces and the Isle of Youth. Anyone interested in this project?

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