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National Party (center-right)

Democratic Union (centrist)

Libertarian Union (classical liberal)

Christian Party (socially conservative and protectionnist)

Green Left (center-left, green)

Anarchist Party (anarchist)

Regions: 8 regions:

Capital City



Liberty City


International Zone

New City

New Liverpool

Ideas for issues?

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Did you have any ideas for detailed issues?

I used a modified version of the Ireland map because I will do after a Northern Freetopia version based on NI but as a Canadian province.

These will be the parties for the Northern Freetopia party:

-Conservative Party

-Liberal Party

-Social Democratic Party (Formely the NDP and changed in 2008).

-Green Party

-Reunification Bloc

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Basically, the island of Freetopia were small separate kingdoms until the 1820's with people of Celtic, Portuguese and Basque origin.

After that, that island was divided in two parts: the south which is an English/Dutch condominium and the north which under german control.

At the end of the WWI, the north side was transfered as a League of Nations mandate to Canada, due to the fact that the Canadian gouvernement wanted the same thing as Australia had in the pacific.

After WWII and this especially to the fact that Southern Freetopia was too expensive for the British and Dutch government, independance was declared in 1948. About in the same time, the UN had decided build their ''second'' base in the International Zone south of the the city of New Liverpool.

About in the same time in 1950 (and this just after Newfoundland annexion), the Northern part was integrated as the 11th Canadian province.

In the 60's and 70's, the Southern parts had various center-left governments which had lead to Southern Freetopia bankruptcy in 1978.

After that a new constitution was made in 1980, which had made Southern Freetopia an decentralized federation with direct democracy like Switzerland.

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