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New York 23rd Congressional District Special Election 2009

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Yes I know the Democrats won in an upset ( :( ) last night but I think we should make a new scenario, exploring the options of Scozzafava (?) not leaving the race, Hoffman not entering, and a Democrat not contesting the race (Republican vs. Conservative- ???) and of course a fair primary.

Some candidate ideas: (I'm gonna need a lot more)


-Dede Scozzafava

-Doug Hoffman (he wanted to be elected but it was a jacked primary)


-Bill Owens

-State Senator Darrel Aubertine

-State Senator David Valesky (thanks AmericanDream!)



-Doug Hoffman

We would need to create an event in which if Hoffman loses the Republican primaries, he gets a momentum bonus.

Anyone want to help with this?

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I am actually from the 23rd congressional district of NY. So i think this would be a very interesting senario to see. There were no primaries so we might have to work around that. Hoffman ran as a conservative after losing the nomination to Scozzaffa. As for Scozzaffa dropping out of the race, we could just schudule an event which would give her very negative momentum. I will do anything to help with this scenario.

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