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That would be the problem. Yeah this version is only for Chancellor 2009 because of the team option (which is kinda cool, I wanted to try it out for this scenario).

I changed for the 2005 edition, by doing some changes in the candidates files.

Yeah, I think I will buy the 2009 edition later. Can you change the threshold as an available option?

I think this option will be good to do for my 2007 and 2008 Québec Scenario (or the 1983 and 1987 UK scenario), because the far-left Québec Solidaire party, have two spokespersons.

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I don't believe you can change the threshold, but it could work for you.

Anyways, what changes do you guys think I should make to Dmowska? (I know I should fix the events to add a bit more dynamism to the scenario- since the Social Democrats are supposed to pull off an upset, but the scenario as is, is fairly biased towards the conservative parties).

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