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Conservative (Konserwatywny): Ruling National-Conservatives

Social Democratic (Socjaldemokratów): Socialists and Liberals

Peasants (Stronnictwo Ludowe): Moderates and Agagrians

Communist (Komunistycznych): Communists and Left-Wing Populists

National Radical (Naradowo Radykalny): Fascists and Ultranationalists

Anarchist (Anarchistyczna): Left-Libertarian Radicals




Balanced Budget


Defense Forces

Economic Recovery





Minority Rights

National Security


Regional Autonomy

Rocentia Relations

Same-Sex Marriage

Tax Reform













Kraków (capital)

Lwów (second major city)



Dzikie Pola

Population: 88 Million

Name of Parliament: Sejm

Head of State: President

Who Appoints President if no Majority: Supreme Court

Ethnic Groups:

Polish 62%

Ukranian 25%

Lithuanian 6%

Latvian 3%

Jewish 2%

Aboriginal 2%


Catholic 66%

Orthodox 15%

Protestant 5%

Jewish 2%

Other & None: 12%

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Sounds great. How many seats will this consist of, and what does Klavencraft-Szerney mean?

Klavencraft-Szerney is a micronation modelled on Austria-Hungary if it had survived to the modern day that GOP Progressive and I hashed out between us. It may be a scenario one day.

This scenario looks good so far, GOP Progressive!

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@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

// Abortion

Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion.

Protect Responsible Choice. Liberalize abortion laws.

Hold free votes on the issue and leave the question up to the Voivodeships.

Abortion is wrong, no change to current legal status.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions!



Promote collectivization of farms. Large subsidies and price controls on food. Expropriate agribusiness.

Support co-operatives and family farming through subsidies and price ceilings. Trust-bust agribusinesses.

Support tax relief and incentives for farmers to promote exports. Reform current subsidy programs.

Promote private investment and greater efficiency in agriculture. Keep agribusiness subsidies.

Economic growth and efficiency comes first. Encourage agribusiness and large farms to maximize profits.


//Balanced Budget

Refuse to repay any debt and repudiate it as it is nothing more than capitalist exploitation.

Increased social investment and protective tariffs will raise revenue to reduce the deficit.

Cut wasteful government spending but not at the expense of public services or pensions.

Reduce government spending and reform public pension programs. Balance the budget as soon as possible.

Impose draconian cuts to government spending and public pensions. Crush the deficit at all costs.


//Communist Threat

Communism is the future of socialism and human development. Seek to join the Communist Bloc and support Revolutionaries abroad.

Improve diplomatic ties with the Communist states to pursue peaceful relations through Détente. Avoid military confrontation.

Contain Communism where feasible and vital to our security interests. Maintain a "flexible response" to Communist provocations.

We must oppose Communist totalitarianism and expansionism at all costs. Strengthen our ties with the Anti-Communist Alliance.

Ban the Communist Party and round up its members and sympathizers. War is inevitable, so let's bomb the Reds back to the Stone Age.


//Defense Forces

Abolish the military, and replace it with a Ministry of Peace. Make pacifism our foreign policy.

Reduce military spending, and end conscription. Downsize our defense commitments, and use diplomacy instead.

Leave military spending at current levels. Promote national service. Focus on territorial defense.

Increase military budget. Keep conscription. Do not hesitate to use military force against enemies.

Massive defense buildup to become a global imperial superpower! Raise draft to wartime levels.


// Economic Recovery

The masses deserve a socialist command economy to create jobs and eliminate unemployment.

A generous stimulus package should be injected into the economy to put Dmowska on the road to recovery.

A moderate stimulus package may be necessary, but take care not to drive up inflation.

Protect the free market, focus on combating inflation and reduce subsidies and regulation.

Inflation must be prevented at all costs, even if it means sky-high interest rates.



The environment always comes first. Raise taxes on pollution and rubbish collections.

Environment is a priority. Increase environmental standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We must protect the environment. Support more recycling and tax incentives for being eco-friendly.

Open to environmentalism, but not an important issue now. We have more pressing matters at hand.

The environment is fine, cut down on recycling services to save money. Stop eco-bureaucracy.



Increase spending for family benefits, paid parents' leave, and extend benefits to same-sex couples.

Invest in child care, income-based family benefits. Make parents' leave more attractive.

Moderate increase in family benefits, qualified build-up of child care opportunities.

Combine family benefits with other benefits. Tax relief and incentives for families.

Revamp current family benefit policies to punish cohabitators, homosexuals and fornicators.



Dramatically increase funding, nationalize pharmaceutical companies, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding to health care and extend coverage to perscription drugs. Cut private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs, secure universal healthcare. Public-private relationship is essential.

More private responsibility for health care costs and coverage. Establish maximum waiting times.

Support full privatization of health care services. Deregulate private health insurance industry.


// Jobs

More public spending for jobs. Increase worker and union rights. Revoke Kieslowski reforms. Prohibit outsourcing.

Public investment in industry. Protect worker and union rights. Review unfair Kieslowski practices. Crack down on outsourcing.

Maintain "social market" policies. Stay with Kieslowski reforms. Encourage public-private partnerships in job creation.

Relax dismissal protection. Let employees negotiate terms independent of unions. Cut employment-agency bureaucracy.

Unions have far too much power. Cut back on employment regulation. Close employment-agency.



We must promote Social Revolution in Klavencraft-Szerney to free the oppressed subjects from a tyrant.

Distance ourselves from a revanchist nation like Klavencraft-Szerney and stand up to them more often.

We should maintain our friendship and ties to Klavencraft-Szerney, but be mindful of our sovereignty.

Klavencraft-Szerney is our most important ally. Our ties must be closer through a mutual defense treaty.

Support a military alliance with Klavencraft-Szerney and allow them to station troops in Dmowska.


//Minority Rights

The ruling class uses racism to distract from their own abuses. Their lies and manipulations must be stopped.

Everyone is entitled to certain basic rights and freedoms. Protect minorities and punish racially motivated crimes.

Promote greater integration and assimilation of minorities such as Ukranians, Jews, and Balts into our society.

Polish culture and citizens of traditional Polish descent come first, and minorities should know their place.

Minorities, especially Jews, have tainted our bloodline and betrayed our country. Strip them of rights and citizenship.


//National Security

Roll back all internal security regulations; as they violate individual freedom and establish a police state.

Scale back police powers and restore due process rights. We must defend our civil liberties.

Security regulations are fine the way they are. Beef up the security services' budget and manpower.

Make the recent security measures permanent and crack down on the terrorists and criminals.

Establish martial law immediately and restore the death penalty to punish enemies of the state.


// Privatization

Support a large-scale nationalization programme to take over all private industries.

It was a mistake to privatize manufacturing, transport, and finance. Re-nationalize them.

Put a hold on privatization plans, but encourage competition in appropriate markets.

More competition in markets. Privatize Dmowska Airlines and Telecom through vouchers.

Completely privatize all remaining public companies! Sell off these assets to the private sector.


//Regional Autonomy

Support full autonomy for the minority-majority Regions and allow them the right to secession.

Devolve significant constitutional powers to regions with Ukranian, Jewish, and Baltic populations.

Seek to maintain the current balance of powers between the federal government and the regions.

Protect a strong central government. Expand Presidential and federal authority over Voivodeships.

Abolish all regional autonomy. Use military force to put down any regional rebellions.


//Rocentia Relations

Make common cause with the Socialist Forces within Rocentia to join our peoples together.

Rocentia shares our democratic values and Slavic heritage. Support a treaty of alliance.

We should strive to improve our relationship with Rocentia, but remain wary of their militancy.

We must oppose Rocentian expansionism and influence into our territory. Sever relations.

Rocentia has always been an enemy of Dmowska. Start mobilizing our nation for war.


//Same-Sex Marriage

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage. Gay rights are human rights.

More rights for gays and lesbians. Provide civil unions for same-sex couples.

Hold free votes on the issue and leave the question up to the Voivodeships.

Marriage should remain a man and a woman. Oppose any Same-Sex Unions or adoption.

We should bring back anti-sodomy laws. Treat Homosexuality as a disease.


//Tax Reform

Impose a "wealth tax" to target the top 10%, and a windfall profits tax on corporations.

Support a carbon tax with some tax relief to allow for a "green shift." Impose a tax surcharge on the top 5%.

Reduce taxes for small business, abolish the property tax, and simplify the tax code.

We need a flat income tax. Reduce income and corporate taxes across the board.

Enact a shift from income taxes to a GST system for fair taxation and economic growth.



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