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United States 1976 - Alternate History

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I thought this might make an interesting scenario.

RFK and MLK are not assassinated in 1968, and RFK goes on to lost the Democratic Nomination to Humphrey at the Convention. Nixon is elected. RFK is widely expected to run in 1972 but doesn't, and Nixon wins re-election aganist George McGovern in a landslide. Watergate never happens, and Nixon is leaving office as a fairly popular President, but the Vietnam War doesn't look set to end anytime soon. RFK has announced that he will contest the Democratic Nomination in 1976. MLK has announced that he will run as an Independent.



Vice President Spiro Agnew of Maryland

House Minority Leader Gerald Ford of Michigan

Governor Ronald Reagan of California

Governor John Connally of Texas

Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona (Off)

Senator Bob Dole of Kansas (Off)


Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York

Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia

Governor George Wallace of Alabama

Governor Jerry Brown of California

Representative Morris Udall of Arizona

Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington

Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas

Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts (Off)


Reverend Martin Luther King of Georgia

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