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Odd problem with ridings

RI Democrat

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In trying to finish the V for Vendetta scenario, I've had an odd problem with a party's riding percentages. Specifically, the Coalition for Resistance's candidates start out with extremely low percentages in the ridings even if I edit the ridings file to give them higher percentages. For example, my ridings file says Gerry Adams should have 45% in Belfast West, yet he usually starts with 2-5%. I haven't added or subtracted any points from the CfR in the electorate trends file, and even if my percentages total to over 100% in some cases, that alone wouldn't account for a single party dropping up to 40 points at the beginning of the game.

Has anyone else ever encountered this, and do you know how to fix it?

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Your experience is similar but far more extreme than anything I have encountered

Things that can adversely affect starting riding %;

Having the PR option set to 'ON'

I have found that this can throw out some bizarre starting positions. I never worked out how to correct this.

Party strength

If you have designed a scenario where a party/party leader is very strong and others are very weak, the game will often compensate by giving you a harder starting position.

Electoral Trends file

As you seem to realise.

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