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Alternate History Scenarios

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I'd like to see more Alternate History Scenarios. Here's some ideas.

President Dole - 2000

After being elected in 1996 after it was revealed in the final week of the campaign that President Bill Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, Bob Dole is running for re-election.

Arnie runs - 2008

In 2006, the US Constitution was amended so that non-US born citizens came become President. Arnie has decided to run.

President Perot - 1996

Ross Perot never dropped out of the race in 1992. He went on to narrowly defeat Bill Clinton by winning mainly Republican states. George H.W. Bush came a distant third.

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But that was because it was during his term; there was time for people to reconcile their low favourable rating for Clinton and a high job approval rating. If it emerged in the last week of a campaign, all hell would break loose and he probably would have lost badly. There'd be no time to reiterate the message that Clinton had been a successful president policy-wise.

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I think the thing that would have made Clinton lose is if the Government Shutdown was totally seen as his fault and not Dole-Gingrich's, or like Bosnia goes awry or something with NAFTA.

Exactly, many thought the Monica Lewinsky thing was a witch hunt, later in the scandal it became an issue because he lied to the American people, but even then he had relatively strong numbers. It would have to be an issue based thing if Dole were to be elected.

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