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Avalonia 2010


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New Scotland (Western Australia)

Nelson Territory (Northern Territory)

King Edward's Land (South Australia)

Somersetshire (Queensland)

Kingston (SW Queensland)

Cook Territory (New South Wales)

Federal District(ACT)

New London(Sydney)

Port Jackson (North Shore)

Campbelltown (Western Suburbs)

Paisley (Victoria)

Birmingham (Melbourne)

Albion (Tasmania)

New Liverpool(Northland-Auckland)

Samaka-Sussex (Taranaki-Wellington)

Livingstone (Marlborough-Nelson)

Manchester-Surrey (Canterbury-Christchurch)

Berkshire (Southland-Dunedin)

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National Party

Bianca Burges

Brooke Haining

Ruby Petherick

Cameron Carpenter

Amelie Lorenzini

Bethany Carr-Boyd

Floella Goodall

Liberal Party

Finn Fowler

Ryder Mahoney

Hunter Drew

Scarlett Kulakowski

Bella Owens

Lucas Tier

Will Pohlman

Democratic Party

Aidan Pink

Caitlin Edmund

Jacob Komine

Henry Umbagai

Sofia Ritchard

Annabelle Schuler

Labour Party

Charli Rossi

Lucy Woodbury

Taj Gwynne

Sophia Champion de Crespigny

Lachlan Bickersteth

Green Party

Alicia Peake

Piper Gottshall

Amber Graves

These people will all be high-profile MPs.

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@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Aboriginal Issues

Provide full self-government. Restore lands taken from them.

Aboriginies deserve justice. Create communal lands.

Provide economic "hand ups" for indigenous communities.

Renegotiate current treaties and suspend land claims.

No special rights to Indigenous & protect farmers' lands.



Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Liberalise abortion laws, particularly in the first trimester.

Leave abortion up to the territories to decide.

No legal abortions, except for life, rape, or incest.

Abortion is murder. No legal abortions.


//Britannia Relations

We should condemn Britannian imperialism. Exit the Commonwealth.

Asia is more important than Britannia & Commonwealth ties.

Remain friends with Britannia, but limit our alliance commitments.

Britannia is our best friend and ally. Support closer ties.

Stand by the Britons no matter what comes. Rule Britannia!



Support "restorative justice" and community sentencing.

Emphasize rehabilitation. No mandatory minimums.

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.

Crack down on repeat offenders and criminal gangs.

Restore death penalty. Zero tolerance for criminals.


//Economic Management

We must manage the economy for the workers, not corporations.

Inject a generous stimulus package to renew economic growth.

We need more regulation of finance, but limit gov. spending.

Resource investment and tax cuts have kept our economy strong.

Reduce gov. spending and hike interest rates to kill inflation.



Moratorium on mining and logging. Environment is always first.

Phase out nuclear power and punish polluters.

Support recycling and tax incentives for being eco-friendly.

Nuclear power is safe and sound. Support clean coal.

Clear-cut old growth forests and reduce environmental regulations.


//Free Trade

The process of globalization should be reversed.

Renegotiate trade agreements for environment, culture, and labour.

Free and fair global trade.

Reduce tariffs, open and diversify markets for free trade.

All markets should be open! Push for free trade expansion.


//Global Warming

We must help stop global warming no matter the cost!

Global warming is a threat. Reduce carbon emissions.

Fight global warming, but balanced with economic growth.

Economic growth is more important than global warming.

Climate change is a hoax. There is no threat to the environment.


//Health and Medicare

Dramatically increase funding, end all private sector interference.

Increase funding. Reduce private sector involvement.

Health care benefits should be means-tested, but generous.

Promote more private delivery of health care services and coverage.

Support full privatization of Medicare.


//Immigration and Refugees

White settlers are the true invaders! Take in unlimited refugees.

A large immigrant intake is good for us. Increase refugee numbers.

Emphasis should be given to skilled, not humanitarian, immigration.

We should reduce our immigration & refugees intake, and refocus it.

We need to bring back the White Avalonia policy.



Asia is our future. We should become just like them.

Support initiatives to create a diverse Avalonia.

Our society should be a "melting pot" with limits to diversity.

Political correctness has gone too far. Multiculturalism is divisive.

We should preserve the European fabric of our society at all costs.


//National Security

Repeal all infringements on civil liberties. No Police State!

Oppose national ID cards. Repeal post-2001 Anti-Terrorism Laws.

Current security measures are sufficient for now.

Support a national ID card program. Expand security powers.

Civil liberties must be scaled back to answer security threats.



Piracy is just a form of resistance to Imperialism.

Negotiate with the Pirates to secure release of hostages.

Support an international military mission against Piracy.

Increase naval presence to counter the Pirate threat.

Launch an all-out military offensive against Piracy.



Support creation of a Republic with a directly elected President.

Campaign for 'yes' vote in Republic referendum.

Have referendum, but no campaigning by government either way.

Campaign for 'no' vote in Republic referendum.

We are British to the core and must remain a Monarchy.


//Schools and Universities

Reintroduce free tertiary education.

Take money from wealthy private schools to fund public schools.

Funding priority should be given to state schools.

Equal funding for students attending private schools.

Introduce a voucher system for the education system.


//Taitaku Intervention

No to war with Taitaku. We must have peace at any price!

We need to engage Taitaku through diplomacy and compromise.

We should pressure Pekwaya to resign through tough economic sanctions.

Pursue military intervention against Taitaku with coalition support.

Crush William Pekwaya's regime and install a friendly government.



Increase income tax for the rich and corporate taxation.

Tax cuts are neither affordable nor feasible.

Tax cuts should reward low and middle-income earners.

Tax cuts should be universal rather than targeted.

The upper classes are in urgent need of tax relief.



Scrap WorkChoices and establish a prices and incomes board.

Repeal WorkChoices. Improve worker and union rights.

Reform WorkChoices to provide balanced industrial relations.

Support WorkChoices laws. Economic efficiency comes first.

WorkChoices doesn't go far enough -Outlaw all trade unions!



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