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UK 1979 - in progress

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Sent. Also, the 1979 was very difficult- if not impossible for Labour to win. However, I tried to make a couple issues favour Labour- so I'll try out a game and see if I can win.

I may put in alternate leaders, but we'll see.

Labour may (IRL) have been able to prevent an outright majority and form a Lab-Lib-SNP coalition until the economy (may) have picked up perhaps in 1981

This should be possible on UK1979

If you want to go further UK-1978: Callaghan called a snap election when the poll positions were about even between Labour and the Tories

Good scenario though

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Also, I think alternate leaders would make it interesting.

For Labour (alternate to Callaghan) may I suggest: Michael Foot, Denis Healey, Roy Jenkins.

For the Tories (alternate to Thatcher): Edward Heath, William Whitelaw, Geoffrey Howe

For the Liberals (Alternate to Steel): John Pardoe, Cyril Smith (if you wanted to really make it interesting)

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