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San Marino 2008

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Hi guys! It's my first scenario :D

It's based on San Marino 2008 parlamentary elections. There should be proportional representation, but you know, it's not possible. Issues are not complete (ther's no description) because I don't know party positions; the numbers are taken from the latest polls and are very accurate.

Two screen




Oh brilliant work! I've been looking forward to more European scenarios like this, and i'll learn something about San Marino in playing this, which i will soon, as i don't know anything about politics there, probably rather much like Italy's. Best thing to do is get research done on the issues, if the information isn't availiable for the candidate, best to tow the party line and see what the most likely position they would represent.

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Played both the primaries and most of the election campaign which is very long. I found it really competitive between the opposition as andreoli, losing in the primaries, then as Stolfi in election. Could do with more endorsers for the election campaign, as your left with 44 PPs sitting there. You can use PP's to get crusaders, usually up to 10 for 1 crusader. One complaint would be the money never seems to go up or down after using continuous ads, 4 at a time, better to lower the fundraising but ensure the same quality of game is maintained as it's very good.

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