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Update and ideas on scenario creation


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I was on vacation for a few weeks, so I didn't work very much on any scenarios and this also due to the fact that I changed my PC.

However this is my list until December:

-Ontario 1990 (About 85% done) Need good issues pictures

-Ontario 1995 (About 80% done) Need good issues pictures

-Nova Scotia 2009 (About 75% done)

-Canada-January 2009 (fictional scenario) (About 70% done)

-Nuuk 2010 (About 20% done)

-Prince Edward Island 2007 (About 10% done)

-Caledonia 2009 (Planning Stages)

-Canada 1984-Updated with new map (Planning stages)

Any suggestions? I am open to a proposal for a fictional Canadian Province, US State or a fictional country based on something for a part of the world that is not already made.

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Caledonia 2009 sounds good as does Borelia. Still interested in doing a Middle East fictional?

I've played your Ontario 1990 some time ago, it plays very well for the NDP, but Liberal and Conservative campaigns, i didn't feel the NDP were a big threat. I'll take another look at it myself to re-check this though.

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