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Here is my first scenario, its new and only a BETA. What do you think?

President Frederick Lawson (D-MA) is barred from running for president again in 2000. Vice-President Donna Ranchen is running to keep the White House with a minor challenge. The Republicans are lining-up to run for the presidency. Will Donna Ranchen be able to distance herself from the second impeached president in history, Frederick Lawson? Will Republicans get the White House back from the Democrats? We await the answer.


Senator Kenneth Lamel, Texas

Governor Thomas Burns, Connecticut

Governor Monica Ricardo, California

Congressman Steven Candel, New Jersey


Vice-President Donna Ranchen, Virginia

Senator William Darkwin, Okalahoma


Former Congresswoman Lakessa Bians, Illinois

*The scenario isn't showing-up in program files, so it'll be a bit before it is released*

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I think this could be good if it took a less 2000-ish approach. Some ideas I have are instead of making the term-limited President impeached, you could give him more of a Bush-level of unpopularity due to something like starting a war or mishandling some major crisis, and instead having a Green like Nader as a major split, you could do something like putting a well-funded Independent that you could draw from like, Bloomberg or Perot on. He could be like a Conservadem or RINO with a business background that could self-fund a campaign.

And, because I would have liked to see it RL, you could draw some from '96 too and have a more Pat Buchanan-like paleoconservative who's still at the top of his game run on a third party like Constitution (Buchanan threatened this in '96 if Dole had pick a pro-choice running mate, and it might have made a difference since Pat had actually finished second to Dole in the primaries, and carried places like NH, MO, LA, and AK. By 2000 his steam had worn off, so we'll never really know)

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Good feedback. In my outline for the series starting in 2004 the Independents get a nationwide surge and are all serious contenders. I could change Lakessa a little bit, not as a major player but as a well-funded one. I'm thinking of maybe making Darkwin a conservative challenger, and then perhaps have a RINO Businessman. All good ideas thanks guys!

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