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Ok, so since I'm having problems with my High School scenario, I'd thought I temporarily move to a new project. This one is a fictional scenario I made up. It uses the 2008 Wonk scenario as it's base. Since I'm still developing it, the biggest differences are the Democratic party's candidates(they are the incumbant). At the moment, I have only changed the names and home states of the Republicans. I just want to know how people feel about it as is.


In 2000, the Republican ticket of Missouri Governor Brian Parkers and his running mate Texas Senator Tom Rice won the Presidency. In 2004 they won re-election, but many had begun to question the mental health of Rice. He became more irrational, and hot headed. As the condition persisted into 2005, many members of Congress began discussing possible impeachment. When the rumors became stronger, Rice realized he would be impeached. So on February 24th, 2005, he called a press conference and requested that President Parkers be there also. Many beleived it was going to be his resignation. Instead, at the podium, Rice assassinated Parkers before taking his own life on live television. Democratic Speaker of the House Abram Green was quickly sworn in as President, marking the first time someone other than Vice President had succeeded to the Presidency, and the first time the controlling party shifted midterm. Green chose Arizona Governor Isabella Pena as his VP, the first female and first Hispanic. The Green Administration rode a wave of popularity during the first 2 years in office. The Republican party now shamed by the Rice scandal, it lost heavily in midterm elections. Now that the 2008 elections are approaching, President Green hopes to keep the office he inherited from the Republicans, while they are desperate to win it back.

Ok so this is what the scenario is so far. No percentages have been changed. In a space bar run, Green won with over 55% of the vote and all but 16 electoral votes. Here's the file for anybody interested. Scenario. Please feel free to make any suggestions of any kind. If you want to make up a bio for any of the Republicans, feel free.

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Yeah. I was planning on shuffling issue positions in the Republican party around a bit. I also have an off candidate thrown into the Democratic party. California Governor Corey Beckhart who'd be running on a record of excellent fiscal policies for California. Once I finish this scenario, I plan on doing a 2012 one with Isabella Pena running

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