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Potential Speculative Scenarios

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I've been working on two speculative scenarios, one based rather loosely on the 191 timeline from Turtledove's fiction series and a seperate one that speculates what would have happened if the Colonies lost in the War of American Independence. I've made BETAs of these games so far and have ironed all the bugs out and plan to release them on the board. Before I revise these scenarios, what would you like to see included in these scenarios?

CSA 2010

Uses real canidates with significant alterations to their history and diverges from the 191 timeline during WWII when a seperate peace is struck between the the USA and CSA. The CSA is desperately poor and suffers from rampant political corruption, although the dictatorship has fallen when Lyndon Johnson was democratically elected as CSA president. Recently, President McCain was assasinated allowing Bill Frist to become President. Frist resigned and recieved a presidential pardon from Tom DeLay before being implicated in a plot to kill the reformist McCain and replace him with a hardliner as President. DeLay was removed and Senate President Pro Tem Robert Byrd became President. The current election is a contest between the semi-fascist Freedom Party, the centerist Democratic Party, the leftist Socialist Party (The South gave birth to a Communist ideology very similar to Maoism in this game that is popular with Afroconfederates while European style Socialism is more accepted as a left wing ideology due to a history of strong government), and finally, the Ron Paul led, Libertarian, New Whig Party. The game uses a fairly large map for the south that comes from another scenario that revolved around contemporary secession.

Commonwealth of Columbia

A very big scenario in terms of events that takes several play thoughs to actually expierience every possible path. This uses newly created canidates and is divided into three parties (Conservative, United Centrist Party, and Labour) with more planned for the expansion (including Communist, Liberal Democrats, Columbian National, First Nations, Sepratist Party of West Caledonia, and Reunionist Party). The Scenario takes place in a world where the British North American Dominions have all atained independence similar to Canadian independence (with the monarch as head of state but with no real power) and joined in an EU style North American Confederation. I may release a NAC version as well if I can get to work passibly well.

Thank you for any possible feedback, I can not give a certain time I expect to have these finished because of my college work, but I will provide updates when requested.

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CoC would be better as a PM4E scenario.

I think so do, but I created a bit of an in game loophole because I don't own PM4E. Basically Presidents are elected every 5 years and interact mainly with the North American Confederation in the handling of foreign policy. The Vice-President feature is how I select who will be PM. So the President is directly elected by the people and thats the position your competing for. As such, all Presidential issues deal with foreign policy, relations with the UK, or NAC matters.

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