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West Wing - 2010

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I thought this might be a interesting scenario, with Santos running for re-election.



President Matthew Santos

Vice President Robert Russell (Off)

Congressman Will Bailey (Off)


Governor Raymond Sullivan

Speaker Glenallen Walken

Secretary of State Arnold Vinick (Off)

Any more suggestions for candidates?

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Italics indicates the candidate is inactive.


President Matt Santos of Texas

Vice President Eric Baker of Pennsylvania

Former Vice President John Hoynes of Texas

Former Vice President Bob Russell of Colorado

Former Secretary of Defense Miles Hutchinson

Speaker Mark B. Sellner of Maryland

Representative Will Bailey of Oregon

Representative Mark Richardson of New York

Representative Andrea Wyatt of Maryland

Senator Jack Enlow of Illinois

Senator Seth Gillette of North Dakota

Senator Ricky Rafferty of Vermont

Senator Wendell Triplehorn of South Dakota

Governor Gabe Tillman of California

Former Senator Tony Marino of Pennsylvania


Former Acting President Glen Allen Walken of Missouri

Former Speaker Jeff Haffley of Washington

Senator Robert Royce of Pennsylvania

Representative Darren Gibson of Michigan

Governor Mike Reed of Ohio

Governor Ray Sullivan of West Virginia

Reverend Don Butler of Virginia

Representative Barbara Layton of North Carolina

Representative Henry Shallick of Missouri

Senator Chris Carrick of Idaho

Governor Edward Pratt of Tennessee

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Is "Former Acting President" a title you'd use? You'd call Dick Cheney "Vice President Cheney", not "Former Acting President Cheney", so I'm pretty sure in this case you'd give Walken the title of "Speaker".

Former Acting President is the accepted title, according to both fans and canon.

BTW, how's this coming along?

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