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Issues positions for states

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Basically, I need your help to help me make a database of each states position on two aspects which are the general ''economic'' and ''social'' issues.

FR: Far-Right

R: Right

CR: Center-Right

C: Center

CL: Center-Left

L: Left

FL: Far-Left

Alabama: Economic: C Social: R

Alaska: Economic: R Social: C

Arizona: Economic: CR Social: CR

Arkansas: Not sure

California: Not sure

Colorado: Not sure

Connecticut: Economic: C Social:CL

Delaware: Economic:C Social:CL

Florida: Economic: C Social: CL

Georgia: Economic: CR Social:CR

Hawaii: Economic: C Social:CL

Idaho: Economic: R Social:R

Illinois: Economic: CL Social:CL

Indiana: Economic:CR Social:CR

Iowa: Not sure

Kansas: Economic:R Social:R

Kentucky: Economic:CR Social:R

Louisiana: Economic:C Social:R

Maine: Economic:C Social:CL

Maryland: Economic:CL Social:CL

Massachusetts: Economic:CL Social:L

Michigan: Economic:C Social:CL

Minnesota: Economic:C Social:CL

Mississippi: Economic:CR Social:R

Missouri: Economic:CR Social:CR

Montana: Economic:R Social:C

Nebraska: Economic:CR Social:R

Nevada: Economic:CR Social:CR

New Hampshire: Economic:R Social:CL

New Jersey: Economic:C Social:CL

New Mexico: Economic:C Social:C

New York: Economic:CL Social:C

North Carolina: Economic:C Social:CR

North Dakota: Economic:CR Social:CR

Ohio: Economic:C Social:C

Oklahoma: Economic:CR Social:R

Oregon: Economic: CR Social:CL

Pennsylvania: Not sure

Rhode Island: Not sure

South Carolina: Economic: CR Social:R

South Dakota: Not sure

Tennessee: Economic: CR Social:R

Texas: Economic:CR Social:CR

Utah: Economic:CR Social:R

Vermont: Economic:L Social:L

Virginia: Economic:C Social:C

Washington: Economic: CR Social:CL

West Virginia: Economic: C Social:CR

Wisconsin: Economic: C Social:C

Wyoming: Economic: R Social: CR

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