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CA Proposition 6 (1978)

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Hi after watching MILK last night im toying with the idea of making a campaign based around proposition 6.

For those who havent heard of it before Proposition 6 aimed to stop all homosexuals from working in the education system in California. I think the campaign will work best without any primary campaign stage and just the one "candidate" for each party (though the candidate's role will be more like that of a Crusader technically) each armed with a multitude of fellow crusaders. The Veep can also take on a crusader role. The parties could look a little like this:


State Legislator Johnathan Briggs

Veep: Anita Bryant

Crusaders: Save Our Children Organisation

(I need more YES supporters if anyone can dig any up)


San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk

Veep: Gwen Craig/Bill Krause

Crusaders: Tom Ammiano

Hank Wilson

Gwen Craig/Bill Krause

-Log Cabin Republicans-

I know there are still problems to overcome suchas the Platform but I think that can be overcome. I have the CA gubernatorial map which should work fine and i can allocate EVs or Delegates according to district population. The Yes Vote will start with a Clear lead but as the endorsers stack up the momentum should change and make it a tight race. Carter's endorsement came very late and so can give a late momentum boost to the No campaigners momentum potentially simulating the large margin of victory. However if a few more Yes Endorsers are added then Victory should certainly not be impossible for the Pro-6ers. Events can also be used to whip up Pro-6 momentum as similar Propositions succeded in other States.

There are also a number of possible Endorsers:

President Jimmy Carter(No supporter)

Governor Ronald Reagan(No supporter)

Gerald Ford(No supporter)

Focus on the Family(Yes supporter)

This is only an idea right now but any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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