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2040- please help for one of my pet projects

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i'm new to the forum, not the game. i haven't had the chance to buy the game, although i've messed with the demo for a year now

this is a scenario i cooked up with a few friends of mine.

please notice two things: one i appologise for my hasty writing. two, these are in general, and i haven't worked out the numbers yet

we'll cover one presidential election before it, for some background info


in 2036 Republican Edwin Jennings of Connecticut was president. howwever, with three terrorist attacks, all in two years the GOP looked for a new candidate. the following candidate ran for the GOP:

neoconservative Charles Broder of Indiana ran and won South Carolina, but after a poor showing in Florida dropped out.

liberal Republican Henry Gates of Iowa ran but droppoed out after losing Iowa

conservative Pastor Billy Jacobs of Alabama ran, and for two years spend time making connections and establishing a southern base. the last two months he spend working hard on Iowa, which he won, upsetting conventional wisdom.

the GOP campaign

after his win in Iowa, Jacobs was flush with cash and momentum, which he brought for three days in New Hampshire. although he lost narrowly, Jacobs defied expectations. Edwin Jenning's campaign was in the tank, and jettisoned it's rose garden strategy in favor of a fight in Michigan. the Michigan primary was close, but when Democratic Governor Christopher Jackson unespectidly endorsed Jennings, his polls rose and he won by ten points. south Carolina and Nevada were next, and although Broder won in South Carolina, Jennings scored a major upset in Nevada, which has 14 percent unemployment. Florida was close but Jacobs came back to win it, leaving Jennings grasping for air.

Super Tuesday: Jacob's southern base held steady, and Jennings took the northeast and California. all other states went for Jacobs

Jennings, behind by over 100 delegates, fought hard and to the end. taking every state on his way, Jennings closed the gap to being behind by onlt 50 delegates, which brought them to the last pirmary: illinois

bitter and long, it ended with Jacobs winning with 50.1 percent of the vote, clinching the nomination

i haven;t thought out the Dems yet, but anyhow....... we;ll make that up later

i am forced by necessity to log off now, but i'll finish the rest of this in the morning.

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okay, 2040

1. the Democrats.


Senate Majority Leader John Hoynes of Texas

Governor Christopher Jackson of Michigan

Governor Gerald Brown of California

Senator Joseph Biden II of Deleware (yes i know he has a son, so there won't be a junior)

Senator Janey Livingston of Oregon


when the race started, it seemed like a two-man fight between Brown, who was a billionare, and Hoynes, who was infuential and had a southern base. howwever, Senator Biden used the year and a half he had to build a huge organisation in the northeast and mid-atlantic states, excluding New York, which was too expensive at that time. Jackson did the same, but in the Midwest, especially in Iowa. Livingston mostly focused on Nevada, and was the most liberal candidate.

Iowa was a blowout for Jackson, and people outside the Midwest began to look at him. moving his Iowa organisation into New Hampshire, he ran a bitter campaign against Biden, who was beginning to run out of funds. scoring a major upset in New Hampshire, Jackson had some serious momentum, and with his home state of Michigan next, he was on the cover of Newsweek, Time, The Nation, The Economist, and most other media outlets. his polls rising, he was beginnng to be in striking distance of Brown and Hoynes. with another massive win in Michigan, the momentum was his. faced with fighting Brown in Nevada or Hoynes in South Carolina, he opted for Nevada, and lost by two points to Livingston, who made a make-or-break campaign. Florida was a all-candidate tossup. Hoynes was strong in the northern part and the rest was a tossup. howwever, when a scandal broke that Jackson was an athiest, his polls were sliced in half. fighting back over 17 days he recapture a 1 point lead. it was close, but Jackson won florida by 1.1 points.

Super tuesday was a blowout for Jackson, winning every state and coming within 20 delegates of the nomination. winning the next state, Massachussetts, put him over the top

2. the Republicans


President Billy Jacobs of Washington D.C.

Senator Tony Baker of New York

Governor Harold Nassier of Texas.

Senator Argus Blackwood of Utah


Jacobs had had a disasterous first term with the economy in the shitters, 21 percent unemployment. his polls were in the single didgits. he had no money and little credibility. howwever, the GOP had shrunk to an untraaconservative core, and the GOP had so little donations they couldn't run primaries on 46 states. only Utah, Alaska, Whyoming, Montana, Nebraska and California. after Jacobs won Alaska, Whyoming, and Nebraska. Blackwood won Utah and Montana. Nassier and Baker tied in California

the GOP was over, but then nominated Jacobs and Baker anyway.


Jackson, despite being an athiest, polled at 58%, whereas Jacobs had 29% with the rest undecideded. third-party candidate Sam Roberts, who was a Pastor and national cartoonist, rand and had more money than Jacobs. an ecinomic liberal but a social conservative. immediatly the race, as of 9/20/2040 was

Jackson: 61%

Jacobs: 28%

Roberts: 10%

the numbers didn't change much before the first debate, where Jackson wiped the floor with Jacobs, and Roberts shot himself in the foot with his endless flogging of Jackson's athiesm.

the Second debate was the end of the road for the GOP. Jacobs, pchiciatrists later concluded, had gone insane. he brought a gun (insane, doesn't it sound)and accidentially shot Roberts when he was aiming for Jackson. polls concluded

Jackson 66

Roberts: 24

Jacobs: 10

on election day, Jackson won all 50 states with the exact same aformentioned numbers.

n colusion, i realise this seems absoultly insane, but could someone create this scenario so i could play it?


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