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What Should Receive the Highest Priority?


What Should Receive the Highest Priority?  

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  1. 1. What Should Receive the Highest Priority?

    • UK Council Scenarios
    • UK City/region Westminster Elections
    • Leadership Elections
    • UK By-elections
    • UK Elections
    • European Elections
    • Fictional Scenarios
    • Career Series
    • Other

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In my efforts to become more flexible and to bring the scenarios with most demand to the fore, i'm using this poll to feel out if i'm getting it right. I will perhaps skew more in favour of the winner after i finish my recent scenarios. It's also fair to add, as there isn't many doing this on a UK/European scale, it would make sense to bring out more in-demand ones, but at the same time not neglect the other sections, as i'll be working on a few at a time.

Here's a reminder of what's already in the sections, and if the very small lists like leadership elections, are on top or near the top, then expect more to turn up, in the interests in getting inline with demand, as they are skewed more in favour. I have used "Other" as an option.

Council Scenarios:

Exeter Council Election 2008

Wyre Forest Council Election 2008

Fife Council Election 2007

Newcastle City Council Election 2004

Cambridge City Council Election 1984

City/region Westminster Elections:

Rugby and Kennilworth 1997 Westminster Election

Highlands Region Westminster Election 1979

Leadership Elections:

Labour Leadership Election 1976


Glasgow Hillhead 1982 By-election

Glasgow East 2008 By-election

Newbury 1993 By-election

Wirral South 1997 By-election

Leicester South 2004 By-election

UK elections:

UK general election 1997

UK general election 1983

UK general election 1979

UK general election Oct 1974

UK general election Feb 1974

European Elections:

Netherlands general election 2003

Belgium 2003

Iceland 2009

Finland 2007

Germany 1990

Fictional Scenario List :

Historical Prime Minister Scenario

Historical Best Non-PM

Scotland 2015

Eurovision scenario

Career Series Scenario List:

Win Favour with the Lib Dems

Win Favour with the Others

Council by-election

Council Leader Election

MP By-Election

Member of Cabinet Election (Labour)

Member of Cabinet Election (Conservative)

Member of Cabinet Election (Liberal Democrat)

Member of Cabinet Election (Others)

Leadership Election (Labour)

Leadership Election (Conservative)

Leadership Election (Liberal Democrat)

Leadership Election (Others)

General Election (All 4 parties)

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