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Mexico 2000 Scenario

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Download Here.

I do not claim to be an expert on Mexican politics, although I did take a course on Mexican politics in college (as well as a course on the Mexican Revolution). I based alot of the variables off of two articles/reports on the 2000 Mexican election from CSIS ( http://www.csis.org/americas/pubs/Grayson.pdf and http://www.csis.org/americas/pubs/Klesner.pdf ) as well as the Mexican election bureau (IFE, http://www.ife.org.mx/).

For the purposes of the game, Mexico is "one state" (sorry, but it seemed like the lesser of two evils since Mexico doesnt use the electoral college).

The candidates are Fox (PAN/PVEM, Allianza por Cambio), Labastida (PRI), and Cardenas (PRD, Allianza por Mexico). Playing through it, it is long but competitive (I think any of the three has a real shot, since there is a really big bloc of undecideds as the Mexican party system in 2000 was essentially broken, resulting in a "free for all.")

Please contact me at dallasje@earthlink.net or jedallas@central.uh.edu for complaints/questions/suggestions.

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I also ought to note that while the scenario ends June 29, 2000, the election date was actually July 2. In Mexico they have a traditional "weekend of reflection" in which all the candidates cease campaigning for the last few days of the election so that the people can deliberate in peace.

And yes I'm having trouble with the "538 electors" bug.

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