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Pre-Civil War Southern State Flags

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For my United States 1848 and United States 1860 scenarios, I need to find the images of pre-Civil War Southern state flags, as all of the modern Southern state flags are derrived after the Civil War from Confederate symbolry. I've found a pre-Civil War state flag for both South Carolina and Texas (though I think Texas' is their short-lived republic flag), but I can't seem to track down the other Southern state flags, just confirmation that the current ones are post-Civil War. Can anyone help me track down these elusive flags?

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Many states have not historically had flags until fairly recently. In the south, most of them simply didn't have any sort of flag before the Civil War.

This information comes via Flags of the World.

Alabama- no flag prior to 1861

Arkansas- no flag prior to 1913

Florida- no official flag prior to 1861, but this flag was proposed in 1845, though never adopted to due controversy over the motto.


George- no flag prior to 1879, though sometimes the state seal would be placed on a field of either red, blue, or white.

Kentucky- no flag prior to 1963

Louisiana- no official flag prior to 1912, but this flag was raised in 1860 to celebrate South Carolina's secession and seems to have been the accepted unofficial flag for some time before 1860. (note white field)


Maryland- no official flag prior to 1904, that flag having first flown in 1888.

Mississippi- no flag prior to 1861

Missouri- no flag prior to 1913

North Carolina- no flag prior to 1861

South Carolina- Variants of this flag since 1775, including the post-Civil War variant with a Palmetto.


Tennessee- no flag prior to 1905

Texas- The same flag used today as since 1836


Virginia- no flag prior to 1861

In this light, I would suggest instead using State Seals or Coats of Arms, as they almost certainly did have those, even if not a flag.

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