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Released: President Forever 2012 (Republican Version)

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I have created a new scenario for the 2012 Presidential Election, a Republican version.

"After the Democrats massive defeat in the 2010 elections, President Obama's popularity has been plunging for almost his entire tenure in office. Four years of bailouts and government interaction has made the recession only worse, that coupled with a series of foreign policy humiliations, the nation is in pearl. As Barack Obama makes a long-shot campaign to gain a second term, which Republican will emerge the victor in the primaries?"



Mitt Romney

Sarah Palin

Mike Huckabee

Tim Pawlenty

Haley Barbour

New Gingrich

Bobby Jindal

Eric Cantor

John Thune

Gary Johnson

Paul Ryan

Michael Steele (off)



Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Dennis Kucinich


Jesse Ventura

You can download it here:


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Why do we need a specifically-labelled 'Republican Version' when in your original version Obama only lead in Illinois and had his campaigning abiities nerfed, while the GOP overwhemingly lead everywhere else and almost always won?

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Well, it is your choice of doing whatever you want with your scenario. If Obama popularity is fading in your scenario, I would maybe add more opposition on the Democrats side especially among the Southern and Blue Dog Democrats.

BTW, Rapidshare is not letting me download it, could the author or Patine please send me a copy? My e-mail is matvail2002 at gmail.com

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Laughs hysterically :lol:

Still, the Muslim deserves to get pwned.

Yeah okay...that kind of talk I'm sure has been at the root of republican successes lately...how impossible is it for a democrat to win? I like playing tougher elections but not impossible ones. Look forward to your response.

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I like playing tougher elections but not impossible ones. Look forward to your response.

I can't even win this on easy with no primary competition, no independent, and all the republicans turned on. It was a brutal primary too, the four top contenders - Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Pawlenty all had negative momentum from basically the beginning and I ended up against a Gingrich who I hit with four medium/high scandals still didn't even get 100 EV's. It's rediculous.

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