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Florida Gov 2010

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I would like to stake Florida 2010 as my own, I have been able to get the hard copies of my resources back. I have added extensive state endorsers, such as State Senators, State Reps., Congressmen, Senators and former Governors. I tweaked the seats for each area to allow for more of a chance for the higher population areas to have a say in the election.

If there are any requests for special candidates or issues please post them here. I will post a beta every month or so.fltesy.png

Since this is a 2010 race, I will not pretend that 2009 is the right time to release a final edition. So if you want to try this out please download here for the latest beta.


To Do:

Newspaper Endorsements

Candidate Positions

Issues Centers in each county

Update with latest polling data

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Your earlier senate beta for Florida has worked pretty well as I've tried to adapt it for my fictional use. I definitely like the map for playability reasons (it's too bad Florida and its counties are shaped in such a way that it had to be cut in half, though).

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Went to the 2009 Florida Democratic Convention. Will be adding new issues and new candidates to the Democratic race, Michael E. Arth, Joe T.J. Allen, and Fahreed Kvhari. These are small campaigns but I feel would add some flavor to this race. I am going to throw in former Attorney General Bob Butterworth in as on off candidate; who by the way is very popular with the Democratic establishment.

As for the Republican side of things, it is still sort of quiet as most of the infighting is on the Senate race side of things. Bill McCollum is actually being out raised by Alex Sink and the Democrats.

I will have some more Lieutenant Governor choices.

And I will try to balance the momentum that endorsers get as it is already a year before the election and Bill and Alex are still polling with alot of undecideds.

Update coming at the end of October.

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