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Virginia - 2009

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its a bug in the software. keeps re-setting the home region

Edit their home region in the actual parties.xml file. Make sure it perfectly matches the ID number in poliitcal units.xml (copying and pasting it works best). It won't reset after that unless you try to move it again with Campaigns Forever.

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Good scenario, but you might want to fix the percentages in Newport News, Democrats are at 0%, GOP at 95%, and all 108 primary delegates automatically go to Creigh Deeds because he is listed first. Also, the interviewers are on their default settings; it's hard to imagine Brian Moran being a guest on Letterman. :)

Adding some events would make this scenario really good also. The scenario starts on Nov. 1, 2008, so having an event like "Obama Elected President!" or something could help. A counter such as "VA GOP nominates McDonnell for Gov." with a like momentum boost would counter this well, since there really wasn't a VA Republican primary; McDonnell was nominated in a state convention. Just throwing it out there.

Like I said, good job.

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