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Michigan 2010

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Some people will remeber that i was having issues with Michigan. After giving up a long time ago, I went back to the scenario and finished it off.

You can get it here...

Michigan - 2010





As ever, feedback appreciated!

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Gameplays good; I like it.

But; my only minor quibbles would be its pretty difficult to decipher which area is which; especially in the South, in Bart Stupaks description it says he is a Republican, and in the platform slider about term limits it says California.

Other than that it is really good fun; as all your scenarios are!

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Looks good as always, Zion as I was looking for this scenario for a VERY long time! BTW, the NBC 4 station is the NBC station that I'm receiving on cable even through I'm about 600 kilometres (372 miles) from Michigan.

However, there is seeming to be a problem with Rapidshare,

Could somebody please send me the scenario, my e-mail address is matvail2002 at gmail.com

Thanks a lot in advance!

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