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Next By-election Scenario?


Which British By-election to do Next?  

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  1. 1. Which British By-election to do Next?

    • Wirral South 1997 By-election
    • Glasgow East 2008 By-election
    • Newbury 1993 By-election
    • Leicester South 2004 By-election
    • Glasgow Hillhead 1982 By-election

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As England 2015 is very close to completion, i have space to fit in a new scenario, after that. I'm putting this over Scotland 2015, for a good few reasons; 1. there's only ever been 3 by-election scenario's officially released (2 British, 1 Canadian). 2. By-elections are much more variable from each other and 3. I still don't have CFE :P

I'll help you choose which one you like the best, with links, and a heading to sum them up.

Wirral South 1997 By-election -Labour-Conservative Battle, Tory Government lose Majority.


Glasgow East 2008 By-election - The recent By-election, Labour-SNP Battle.


Newbury 1993 By-election - The Novelty By-election, 19 parties, Lib-Dem-Tory Battle, Unpopular Tory Government.


Leicester South 2004 By-election - The urban by-election, Labour-Lib Dem Battle


Glasgow Hillhead 1982 By-election - The old by-election, the rise of the SDP, Labour-SDP-Tory Battle.


Not showing any favouritism, but i won't vote unless their is a tie with no resolve, then i will pick the one i favour.

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Okay, enough votes, Newbury 1993 has won in a close vote, but has lead all the way. Any more votes are invalid.

I shall conduct another poll for the remianing 4, when it comes to doing another By-election.

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