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Florida Senate 2010 (based on "The Proxy Senator")

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While Theory Spark is trying to clear up an access violation problem I'm having with this scenario, I figured I'd put some details out there for feedback from the other scenario creators. The scenario is based on the self-published novel "The Proxy Senator", which depicts an open Senate seat contest. The method I'm using is P4E+P, creating delegates for a convention instead of a primary and giving counties electoral votes equivalent to their population size.


* Mike Adams (D) - professional author in Alachua County, with high issue knowledge but lower charisma, center-left on many issues except on cuba (regional bonuses in north Florida)

Adam Jones (D) - state Attorney General from Broward County, strongly pro-union and partisan (high charisma but lower debate skills)

George Ryan (D) - state senator, a suburbanite from St. Petersburg, pro-life but otherwise centrist (as the character withdrew in the book, he is off by default)

Christina Apples (D) - a peace activist from Jacksonville

* Robert Sanchez ® - hispanic congressman from Orlando (regional bonuses in areas with high Hispanic populations)

Jay Trelane ® - alternate Republican from Miami

* Don Kellogg (I) - independent candidate, far-right on most issues

* = default characters

These are the 18 issues:





Ethics Reform - medium

Free Trade

Government Spending

Gun Control

Health Care




NASA - high


Social Security

Tax Rates

Unions - high

War on Terror

The issue profiles differ from what you might expect to reflect the novel (which was written in 2005).

Working on endorsers, too, trying to make them scenario-specific. Includes:

NOW vs. Right to Life

LCV vs. Natl Assoc of Realtors


J Street PAC vs. AIPAC

AFL-CIO vs. Natl Restaurant Assoc

Any thoughts?

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Here are the regions involved (I'll upload and link to a map when I get home). I tried to make all of the big counties their own region, particularly since some are politically distinct from their surroundings, like Alachua county is). But I then packaged the smaller counties into groups based on geography and political considerations.



Big Bend (suburbs west and south of Tallahassee)



Central Florida (Lake & Sumter counties)



Emerald Coast (Santa Rosa and Okaloosa)



Gulf Coast (three counties north of Pasco County along the Gulf Coast near st. Pete)

Heartland (these are a bunch of lightly populated counties in the everglades)







Nature Coast (the part of north Florida that is east of Tallahassee and north of Gainesville)

North Florida (area directly north of Gainesville and west of Jacksonville)



Palm Beach

Panhandle (area north of Bay county)




Port Charlotte (Charlottee and Lee counties)



St. Augustine (Clay and St. Johns counties)

St. Lucie

Treasure Coast (lightly populated counties surrounding St. Lucie)


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Here's the map. I used a county map (to make it easier to redesign the regions if I wanted to). So the version below is colored in to clarify which counties are grouped together. I apologize if the coloring is an eyesore.


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This looks fairly intriguing, actually. I've come to somewhat appreciate fictitious scenarios of late; they allow unique situations to be explored. How would I get ahold of your book, BTW?

I also like the fictional scenarios, as long as they aren't too far out there. Once I'm done with this one, I might try to do a few scenarios based off the Turtledove alternate histories, but we'll see.

Anyway, "The Proxy Senator" is available on Amazon.com.

If you click on my name once you're there, you'll see the other books I've self-published, including one newly released entitled "Confirmation".

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Can I suggest you use my Florida map? I released a beta a month or so ago on Florida.

I actually looked at that map just this evening. I rather like it for playability (even if some of the border lines and the need to cut it in half make it hard to get used to). The main drawback is the significantly higher number of regions your scenario has versus mine.

Still, while I'm waiting to hear back from 80soft and others on what might be causing my access violation error, I'm already at work seeing if I can't use your beta as the starting off point for my scenario, in the hopes that whatever you did in writing the scenario fixes the problem I'm having.

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Well I decided to cut it in half for better playability. I dislike maps where states/counties are so close together on the screen.

I agree that it's better for playability (and it's not like the state is flipped around (like that Georgia one).

I'm willing to use it - I would just hope that I can resolve the problem with my own scenario, since I'm nearly finished with it (as opposed to just getting started with adapting yours to my specs).

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Adapting a beta version of the Florida Governor 2010 race created by dwkulcsar, I have virtually everything I need to complete this scenario (and it works!). I just need to fill in some endorser info and create the specific events found in the book.

But I ran into a problem - it seems as soon as one of the candidates gets an endorsement or two, he gains enough momentum and momentum-pumping FS to be virtually unstoppable in the primaries, which makes it even easier to start out with a landslide in the general. What is the solution? Should I lower the number of undecideds in the primary to make it harder to surge into a lead?

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