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As GOP Progressive and Patine are working on their Asian scenarios, I will try to do another one after Nuuk is finished as my other projects are well advanced.

The scenario is a direct hommage to Singapore and I will try to recreate the Singaporean system in this scenario.

Basically, Raffles is a very compact city-state with a population of about 4 800 000 people. It does a lot of commerce with New Britannia, Ayati, Kozazura and Alexandria, as being one of the world major shipping port, financial center and airport. The geography is about the same as RL Singapore with 8 independent cities of about the same population.

The country is very multiethnic and multireligious:

Chinese: 45%

Eurasian/Creole: 35%

Indian: 15%

Malay: 5%

Japanese: 3%

Korean: 2%

Christian: 50%

Buddhism: 25%

Hindu: 10%

Sikh: 5%

Taoism: 5%

Muslim: 5%


National Power Party: In power since 1960, but had some problems during the last mandate due to the apparition of a splinter faction created by some former NPP members who were unsatisfied of the party direction and because of some accusation of corruption. Center-right and populist in scope.

National Democratic Alliance: Splinter alliance formed in 2008 from a part of the NPP caucus in the National Assembly who joined five other opposition MP. Centrist in scope.

Labour Progressive Party: After the death of their longtime leader, Song Jianzang in 2008, the Labour Progressive Party is going through rough times with the lack of a stable leader or party direction. Center-left and populist in scope.

National Reform Party: Created by a self-made billionaire, the NRP is a right-wing party fighting for immigration cutbacks and a better management of the public funds. Right-wing in scope.



Government Honesty

Public Transportation

New Airport


Customs Union

Voting Turnout

Government Reform


Public broadcasting

Asylum and Refugees

Red-Tape Reduction

The Military


Asylum and Refugees

Budget Surplus

National Health System


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