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Nouvelle-France 2009


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I am about 90% done with a new project in the same vein as Alexandria, Terre-Neuve and New Britannia which is Nouvelle-France.

Basically, the country has with Alexandria and Santos, the largest French-speaking population in America. It has a very strong and diverse economy based on high technology, shipping, services and some natural resources (mines, forestry, natural oil, oil, hydroelectricity). This had made Nouvelle-France to have a record budget surplus and the abolition of sales taxes in 2010 and a flat income tax in the near future. The country is also having a strong libertarian base in many regions.

So, these are the parties:

Parti Démocrate (incumbent): Been in power since 2005 with a good support in major cities and among the Anglophone and German community and among immigrants. However, had many problem in handling to racial riots in the metropolis of Cartier (with a population of 4 000 000 people). This has lead the party to slip in the polls.

Parti Conservateur: Centre-right party which has been in power for many years (1860-1890, 1928-1976 and 1982-2005) and has a very strong base in the suburbs, in rural areas and in small towns and cities. Basically have three major wings with the ''Christian Democratic'' wing, the ''Reformist'' wing and the ''Libertarian'' wing.

Parti des Régions: Born in 2000 from the fusion of the Union Nationale and the Social Credit Party, the PDR is now going high in the polls since the radical riots. The party is having some libertarian ideals with a strong stance on controlling the immigration.

Parti Progressiste: Born in 2002 from the fusion of the Communist Party, Left Party and Green Party, the Parti Progressiste is having a small niche among labour unions, many environmentalists and some anarchist movements.

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1)I used the Québec provincial map, as this is the western extension of Stormark.

2)Sure, this will be appreciated. However, I have already three characters for the PC, so I would like to see more characters for another parties.


Balanced budget

Business tax




Democratic Reform



Family-work conciliation

Free Trade


Police and Security


Personal tax

Social economy

State intervention

State size

Working conditions

@issue external events

//Balanced Budget

Massive record surplus for 2008-2009!

Debt Forecast Looks Good!


//Business Tax

Study: Everyone Would Gain With Lower Business Taxes

PC Leader: I promise to lower taxes for small and medium enterprises by 80% for the next four years



Another increase of public transit cost: bus and metro fare in Cartier now 6 NF$

Mayor Gendron: Cartier is forced to raise taxes for the next year

Will a tax riot is possible due to rising taxes in the city of Cartier?

Municipal debt on the rise



Public broadcaster RTN, won prestigious international award.



Daycare system in Nouvelle-France among the most effective in the world.

All three major parties leaders are for a daycare reform with better collaboration with the public schools.


//Democratic Reform

PDR leader: I am at 100% for proportional representation.



Study: Since 2000, University and College graduates up 40%

PC Leader: The current administration education reform is a sham!



Study: Global warming getting worse and will affect Nouvelle-France.

Smog on Cartier


//Family-work conciliation

PDR Leader: More productivity, less chit-chat.

Study: Nouvelle-France is not productive enough.


//Free Trade

Free Trade accord with New Britannia will enters in function in April 2010.

Free Trade accord with Alexandria, Santos and Kozakura to be signed today.



Woman waits 10 months for hip replacement


//Police and Security

Study: New racial riots possible in near future.



Poll: 80% of citizens are for a immigration target cut.

PC party leader: We need to fix the immigration problem, right now!


//Personal Tax

PC leader: We will have a flat tax by 2010.

100 000 people manifest in Cartier on tax free day for less taxes.


//Social economy

New small coop enterprises on the rise for 2008-2009.


//State intervention

Study: State must cut subsidies by 20%

Poll: 80% of Nouvelle-France citizens are against more state intervention in the economy.


//State size

PC Leader: Less state for a better state.

A record budget surplus for 2008-2009.


//Working conditions

Strike of city workers

Illegal public transit strike in Cartier, thousands stranded

PC leader: I will not tolerate ANY ILLEGAL strike in the public sector.

Public transit is now considered an essential service.

Work complaint against NF-Mart filed



Please note: 2 NF$=1 US$

@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5

//Balanced budget

A deficit is fine - focus on social programs.

Social spending is more important than the deficit.

Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities. Consider creating a Taxpayer Bill of rights.

Debt reduction is important. Create a Taxpayer Bill of rights.

Eliminate all national debt as quickly as possible.


//Business tax

Significantly increase business taxation.

Increase business taxation by closing loopholes.

Businesses are taxed the right amount.

Reduce business taxation for small enterprises.

Reduce business taxation for all.



Fully support municipal initiatives.

Invest more in cities.

Status quo with the cities.

Decentralization, give more responsibilities to municipalities.

Stop supporting municipalities.



We must support our culture at any cost.

We must increase support for our culture.

Keep investing significantly in culture.

Reduce cultural spendings.

Eliminate the State's intervention in culture.



We need our children to start school at the age of 3.

Keep our policy as is.

Our current daycare before-after school policy is good.

Increase cost to daycare and more private involvement.

Give parents a daycare voucher.


//Democratic Reform

Reform to have a proportional system.

Reform to compensate distortions of the system by having a STV or MMP system.

Organize a comity to discuss democratic reform.

The system's fine as it is.

Make all ridings have the same number of voters.



Free education at all levels. Renationalize all the private schools.

Reduce tuition fees. Keep funding the private at a minimal level.

Freeze tuition fees. Keep funding the private schools.

Raise tuition fees for inflation and give an education voucher to all families to choose their schools.

No longer regulate tuition fees and give an education voucher to all families to choose their schools.



Fines and laws to force environmental responsibility.

Laws and incentives to encourage environmental responsibility.

Increase environmental incentives.

Reduce environmental laws.

Abolish the laws! The market knows best.


//Family-work conciliation

Complete reform to facilitate family-work conciliation.

Reduce workload and increase help for working parents through programs.

Establish some mandatory family-friendly laws.

Give incentives to encourage family-work conciliation.

Let the companies decide what family measures they have.


//Free Trade

Refuse to recognize any free trade agreement.

Fair Trade, not Free Trade.

We should open markets, but not too much. Try to sign free trade accords with some countries.

We should support Free Trade agreements. Try to sign as much free trade accord with many countries as possible.

All markets should be open.



Nationalize private clinics and invest massively.

Invest more in the public system.

We should consider public-private-partnerships.

Two-tier healthcare while keeping a free public system.

Abolish the public healthcare, the market knows best.


//Police and Security

Our security forces are okay as it is.

More police and better funding for the police forces.

We need more funding and we should have a 11pm curfew for the youth under 18.

Better policing, a curfew and special measures in some banlieues are needed right now.

The problem from the banlieues crisis comes from the banlieues. Imposes maximal police presence in the banlieues.



We should have an open border policy.

Keep the immigration as is.

We must cut our immigration by 20% over the next five years.

We must cut our immigration by 60% right now and stop taking refugees.

Only some classes of immigrants must be allowed, so we must cut 90% of our current immigration rates.


//Personal tax

Increase income tax significantly.

Targeted increases for the richest.

Keep our income tax as is and consider having a flat tax.

Reduce income tax for the middle-class significantly and have a flax tax in the near future.

Flat tax and reduce it.


//Social economy

Let's create a parallel social economy to balance the private one.

We must support cooperatives and not-for-profit-organizations.

Modest tax incentives for the social economy.

Cut support to the social economy.

No longer support the social economy, the private one is best.


//State intervention

The State should nationalize profitable factories who close.

We must keep a control on our economy.

Concentrate corporate aid on some sectors.

Reduce significantly corporate welfare.

Abolish completely corporate welfare, cut taxes instead.


//State size

Increase government size to increase intervention.

No PPP, make the State more efficient.

PPPs only in some cases.

Establish PPPs for many governmental services.

Cut the State size significantly, they're parasites.


//Working conditions

20 NF$-hour minimum wage and 30-hour week amongst other things.

Facilitate unionization.

This is a good balance between business and unions.

Weaken work laws to facilitate subcontracting.

Weaken unions and work laws, they are only obstacles to the market.



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