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Hutali 2010

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Northern Expanse

Twangolo (Capital)


Gitarama (Rwanda)

Butare (Rwanda)

Ruhengeri (Rwanda)

Umutara (Rwanda)

Kibungo (Rwanda)

Muyinga (Burundi)

Gitega (Burundi)

Ngozi (Burundi)

Mwaro (Burundi)

Mubende (Uganda)

Bushenyi (Uganda)

Iganga (Uganda)


Katanga (DRC)

Sankuru (DRC)

Kongo (DRC)

Bandundu (DRC)

Kasai (DRC)

Arusha (Tanzania)

Tabora (Tanzania)

Dodoma (Tanzania)

Mtwara (Tanzania)

Nyeri (Kenya)

Bungoma (Kenya)

Turkana (Kenya)

These names look awesome! Thanks a lot!

Question: how many ridings do you want in total? How many per region?

I'm thinking between 200 and 225 total, with the cities having a lot (up to 30 or so each), the Old Kingdoms a middling amount each (8-15 each), the rural ones in the Southeast a small ammount (4-7 each), and the Northern Expanse no more than 3.

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Did a little work on this one, finished the scenario.p4e file. Here are the initial issue stances; tell me what you think.


Nationalize and collective all farms to evenly distribute produce.

Encourage rural co-ops and collective ownership of farms. Fix produce prices.

Subsidize farmers and set some control policies on agriculture.

Return traditionally owned lands to their pre-civil war owners.

Privatize all farms and export produce for a profit.


//AIDS Epidemic

Mandatory annual testing. Quarantine all HIV-positive persons.

Spend more funds on AIDS programs. Devote more hospital space to victims.

Maintain current AIDS programs.

Cut AIDS funding, relying more on foreign aid to deal with it.

No support for AIDS treatment. It is spread by immoral behaviour.



Abolish provinces and counties. Run the whole country directly from Twangolo.

Empower the Ministry of the Interior to override or review all local decisions.

Keep provincial and county power as is.

Grant provinces and counties full federal power, with power shared with Twangolo.

Turn Hutali into a loose confederation of semi-independent states.


//Democratic Reform

Turn Hutali into a Communist state.

Establish a more fair and equal Parliament, and grant more power to the ombudsman.

Reform the electoral process, and remove the majority party's emergency powers.

Some minor reforms, such as removing the poll tax, but nothing major.

No reform is needed.



Nationalize all business interests for paradigm economy.

Invest in local business with generous government grants and subsidies.

Some subsidies and grants for local business, but also encourage investment.

Encourage foreign investment in Hutali to spark the economy.

Free market economy! No government interference!



Preservation of Hutali's wild areas, even at the expense of human development.

More national park land; harsher penalties for poaching and 'dirty' industry.

Protect national parks and endangered species; agree to international initiatives.

Economic concerns are of greater importance than environmental ones.

The Food Chain favours human development above all others.


//Foreign Aid

We need to acquire vastly more foreign aid through whatever means necassary!

We must advertise our nation as a worthy recipient of more foreign aid.

Foreign aid is essential to our economy and standard of living.

We can subsist on current levels of foreign aid. We must make do.

We should begin to wean ourselves from dependence on foreign aid.


//Human Rights

Rewrite Bill of Rights to create liberal set of inviolable and inalienable rights.

Enforce UN Charter of Human Rights with stiff penalties for violation.

Write the UN Charter of Human Rights into common Hutalian law.

Observe basic human rights conventions, but reserve certain exceptions if needed.

Security and conformity come before strict adherence to human rights law.


//Industrial Development

Put vast funds into industrializing Hutali. We need a modern country!

Give tax incentives and government subsidies to encourage industrialization.

Encourage foreign investment to build up industry.

Industry is good if it happens, but it shouldn't be a government priority.

Discourage extensive industry! Stick to our agrarian roots!


//International Relations

Forge stronger ties to Katyusha, Shou Lung, and other Communist nations.

Be wary in all foreign dealings, but still conduct sincere diplomacy.

Maintain an isolationist policy. We belong to the Hutali Bloc!

Forge stronger ties to Alexandria, New Brittania, and other Western nations.

We must become a staunch Western ally!



Reduce military budget drastically! End conscription! We should be an example of peace!

Cut military budget. End conscription. Retool armed forces to defensive role.

Keep military budget as is, but be more efficient. Keep conscription.

Increase military budget. Import new technologies. Buy more vehicles. Keep conscription.

Move to become African superpower! Massive increase to military budget! Keep conscription!



Offer negotiations to share power with remaining militias to ensure peace.

Begin negotiating cease-fires with remaining militias and hearing their grievances.

Negotiate with remaining militias, but be stern and don't be afraid to resort to force.

Carry on campaign of suppression and tactical combat against remaining militias.

Devote vast efforts to crush remaining militias!


//Peace Process

Pursue wide-scale agendas to bring peace and unity to Hutali at any cost.

Increase efforts and programs to bring peace and stability to Hutali.

Carry on peace process at current rate. We're making progress.

Focus moreso on prosecution of war criminals and suppression of militias.

Establish martial law until we deem the country is secure.



Redistrute the nations wealth so everyone's fed, housed, and taken care of!

Massive government funding to combat poverty. Establish viable social welfare.

Put government effort into combating poverty with aid programs.

Give tax incentives to foreign charities who help alleviate poverty.

The poor have no one to blame but themselves!


//Refugee Camps

Grant all refugees full citizenship! They can contribute to our nation!

Provide generous government-funded food and medical services to refugee camps.

Some small measure of aid to refugees, but we must focus on our own.

The refugees can stay for now, but foreign aid workers can provide food and supplies.

Relocate all refugees back from whence they came, regardless of international law.



Religion only divides us! Outlaw organized faith!

Allow all religions to be practiced freely and without government favour or bias.

Religion is not an issue for a secular government.

Grant freedom of religion, but favour, and only grant tax exemption to, Christianity.

We must embrace being a Christian nation! It is the faith of the majority!


//Tax and Budget

Greatly increase taxation and allow a deficit so we can pay for needed programs.

Increase taxation on the rich and businesses and allow a deficit.

Keep taxation as is, and allow a limited deficit.

Lower taxes on the lower class and curtail borrowing and spending.

Cut taxes accross the board and demand balanced budgets by law.


//Tribal Equality

Move to abolish tribal labels and establish unified Hutalian nationality.

Create government ministry to enforce equal treatment of all tribes.

Encourage tribal equality through media and education.

Tribal equality is not a big issue right now.

Bring back the genocide!


BTW, GOP Progressive, I'm working on that marked map for South Guanjin, I should have it ready soon.

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new provinces:

Northern Expanse



Gitega (Old Kingdoms)

Butare (Old Kingdoms)

Ruhengeri (Old Kingdoms)

Ubangi (South)

Gitarama (South)

Katanga (South)

Ngozi (SW)

Muyinga (SW)

Iganga (SW)

Mubende (West)

Tukana (West)

Arusha (West)

Kasai (West)

Population: 218 Million

Seats: 238-306

This could certainly work. The names are very good, too. The pop seems a bit high, though; most African countries are low-pop, save a very few, like Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa. Even as a fusion of national concepts, that number of people still seems a bit high for the continent. I think it has significantly more people than you gave Alexandria.

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Well the key is that this is a merger of the various countries involved, and while Hutali has a large population base- it remains desperately poor.

I've actually decided to raise Alexandria's Population to 150-200 million (though this will be for the 2013 scenario since Alexandria will expand to include an additional 50-75 million people).

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Northern Expanse 8

Twangolo 22

Ligada 30

Gitega (Old Kingdoms) 14

Butare (Old Kingdoms) 16

Ruhengeri (Old Kingdoms) 13

Ubangi (South)20

Gitarama (South) 12

Katanga (South) 14

Ngozi (SW) 14

Muyinga (SW) 13

Iganga (SW) 9

Mubende (West) 21

Tukana (West) 16

Arusha (West) 12

Kasai (West)10

244 seats in total.

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Hmmm, I seem to be having some weird issues with the ridings file not recognizing the parties for some reason. I'm going to send it to Treasurer and see if he can fix the bugs.

Also do you want party list candidates or actual names? Also- numbered districts (as in the US) or named districts?

I'd prefer both named candidates and constituencies, but if it's too much trouble, it's alright.

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Okay, now that I've done my Washington Senator scenario for P4E+P pretty much, I'm going back to this one. I just need to finish the ridings then I'll let GOP Progressive take care of issue centres and it should be ready for playtest.

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Plan to get some work done on this one, South Guanjin, and a new one based on a Spanish American-inspired Republic (essentially a corrupt 'banana republic' with a progressive and a socialist party challenging a corrupt governing party in an exploiting corporation's pockets, with maybe also a religious or military-based far right party running as well). These are my three projects for fictitious micronational PMFE scenarios.

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