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United States 2216

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This scenario is based on the socio-political set-up of my science-fiction writings in my hopes of being an author. The properties herein are under copyright pending publishment (ideally) in the near-future. It is the first in a series of scenarios in this fictional period that will span all four TheorySpark engines in totality.


Humanity has reached the stars between now and 2216, colonizing both solar and interstellar worlds, contacting alien civilizations, and discovering many mysteries. The old UN has been replaced by the United Earth and Colonies Mandate (UECM), a much more effective organization that speaks for Terrans to alien governments and mediates mutual defense, conflicts, and trade. Only Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, Vatican City, and an independent Terran colony world called Aurora have declined membership amongst Terran governments. Most of the aliens encountered have been more or less receptive to diplomacy with Terrans, though the hostile Veldark were not. The Veldark War, where these horrific aliens savagely fought the UECM and several of it's alien allies (together forming the Interstellar Alliance) across the stars has left many scarred veterans and colonies. The United States in this era is a leader among the UECM. They themselves have maintained their federal, presidential government tradition, though now Puerto Rico's a state, and Canada (except Nunavut and Quebec) has also been merged in as a state per province and (later) territory. Also, four of it's off-world colonies, Viking (a chunk of land on Mars) and New California, New Chicago, and New Washington (extrasolar colonies) have been promoted to full states. Quebec and Mexico, though having their own republican governments, have long had 'adjutant-generals,' or powerful advisors who compromise these two nations' actual effective independence, appointed by the US President for decades now. Also, Cuba has fallen under a puppet regime run by the US-based Edwards-Delfuante Corporation. Both of these states of affairs, and their continuance or not and in what form, are issues in the scenario. The big two parties survive, largely due to continued media and corporate support, but four Third Parties are rapidly growing: the Libertarian Party, saying that the threat of the Veldark is being used to repress liberties; the Green Party (given Earth's environment in 2216 is FAR worse than today, despite the dedicated work of environmentalists); the Progressive Party, who believe that institutions of government, laws, and traditions dating back several centuries no longer cut it in the 23rd Century, and want to 'modernize' America; and the Actionist Party, a far-right wing reactionary party who believe disappearing borders, alien contact, and interstellar travel has 'tainted' the American populace and want to instill 'splendid isolation' to 'purify' these elements.



-President David Stadler of North Carolina - The incumbant president seeking another term, Stadler has kept the peace with the Veldark, held a firm commitment to the UECM and Interstellar Alliance, maintained economic and political stability in the country, and compromised on every issue that's come up. However, he's done nothing really new or inspired, and his critics say has accomplished little.

-Senator Cynthia Greenville of California - A holovid star turned politician, the latest in a long line of celebrity's being elected to office in the US, Senator Greenville is much more left-wing than the more centrist Stadler, and she is his only credible opposition within the party.


-President Allan Claeton of Iowa - The former president, defeated in his reelection bid by Stadler, now hopes to be the only president other than Cleveland to both precede and succede a rival. A centre-right moderate, he is the frontrunner in the GOP primaries... but only just. He has stiff competition to be renominated.

-Governor Michael Warhaft of Washington - A veteran of the Veldark War who suffered as a prisoner under sadistic captors, Warhaft is a man of intensity and pathos. He's made the governor's mansion of his home state of Washington; can he go one step further.

-Senator Connie Zephyr of New Jersey - Senator Zephyr is a woman of vision who sees a strong swing to the right from the current state of America that's hung around centre for several decades by what she terms 'uncommitted leaders.'

-Senator Neal Fong of British Columbia - A sixth-generation Asian-American who claims to represent the 'supressed' coroprate community of America, going on the platform that when free business prospers, everyone prospers.

-Congresswoman Katrina Southwood of Florida - A self-termed 'old-fashioned neo-con' who claims her camp has been marginalized by moderates and socially liberal fiscal conservatives in the party, and now seeks to 'break out' and 'take America back.'

-Senator Leroy Roberts of New Chicago - The first serious presidential candidate from the interstellar colonies, Roberts is otherwise a moderate close in perspective to Claeton (and may well agree to be his veep) despite this novelty.

-Mayor Kelley Thompson of Texas - The Mayor of Houston, Thompson is fiscal conservative and believer in divulging more power to the states. She has a large amount of campaign funds despite being a starting backrunner.

Libertarian Party:

-Senator Judith Farrell of Virginia - Formerly a member of the GOP, senator Farrell was nominated as the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate shortly after defecting and successfully holding her seat. This is her second run at president.

Green Party:

-Governor Gregory Hygard of Saskatchewan - The first US governor elected on a Green ticket, Hygard has seen oranges start to be grown in Saskatchewan when his great-grandfather used to talk of winters there in his childhood, refuting any denial of global warming denial. He now plans to run on the Green ticket for president.

Progressive Party:

-Ms. Diana Tressor - The chairwoman of a 'modernization and reevaluation of society and governance' think-tank, Tressor is one of the founding members of the current Progressive Party, and it's presidential candidate.

Actionist Party:

-Colonel Westin Young - A veteran of the Veldark War, like Governor Warhaft, Col. Young believes from his off-world experiences the US would be better off without such contact.

Any advice, suggestions, comments, or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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The issues are:


-Cuban Status



-Health Care


-Internet Law

-Interstellar Alliance

-Interstellar Trade

-Martian Expansion

-Mexico and Quebec

-Moral Issues (includes cloning as well as the usual ones)

-Miyack and Tethro (two alien civilizations not in the Interstellar Alliance or allied to the Veldark, but standing alone)


-Social Security




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