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Canada Divided 2010


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A few years ago in 2005, there was some plan to make a Canada Divided 2008 scenario will all sorts of parties for a Canadian election. I search the thread in question (which goes for 26 pages) and I decided that it would be a good idea to finish this scenario.

However, as this is a massive project with many parties, I will need some of your help.

These are the parties and leaders:

Conservative-Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, Jim Prentice, Jim Flaherty, Lawrence Cannon

Liberal- Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Frank McKenna

NDP- Jack Layton, Ed Broadbent, Svend Robinson, Thomas Mulclair

Bloc Québécois-Gilles Duceppe

Green-Elizabeth May, David Suzuki

National-Mel Hurtig, Paul Hellyer

Republican-John Manley, Stockwell Day, Vic Toews, Garry Breitkreuz

American-Conrad Black, Dave Hempel, Casey Reese, Michael Ignatieff (clone)

Progressive-Scott Brison, Belinda Stronach, Joe Clark

Western Independence (and Newfoundland and Labrador Separation Party in Nfld)-Danny Williams,Jim Panikw, Bruce Hutton, Doug Christie

Euro-Michael Ignatieff (clone)

Communist-Miguel Figeora

Libertarian-André Arthur,Monte Solberg, Rona Ambrose, Maxime Bernier

Farmers-David Orchard

Ontario Bloc- Sheila Copps, Carolyn Parrish

Saskguy's had also made some logos for each party:


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